Bylaws of the Faculty Senate of University of Colorado

These by-laws are under revision during AY 2013-14.

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These bylaws are organized to correspond to Articles of the University of Colorado Faculty Senate Constitution. Where there are bylaws for an article of the Constitution, their numbering corresponds to the similarly numbered article of the Constitution. Some articles of the Constitution do not have corresponding bylaws at this time.

Article I. Definitions and Principles

  • Definitions
  • Principles of Participation
  • Faculty Governance Service
  • Procedures

Section II: The Faculty Senate

  • Membership and Organization
  • Meetings and Quorum
  • Functions
  • Faculty Senate Standing Committee(s)
    • Privilege and Tenure Committee
      • Definitions of Tenure, Privileges and Rights of Faculty
      • Membership and Organization
      • Meetings and Quorum
      • Functions
      • Grievance Procedures
        •  Grievance
        • Dismissal for Cause

Section III: Faculty Council

  • Membership and Organization
  • Meetings, Quorum and Attendance
  • Elections
  • Functions
  • Jurisdiction
  • Joint Responsibility with System Administration
  • Faculty Council Committees
  • Membership and Organization
  • Meetings and Quorum
  • Functions
  • Reporting and Coordination
  • Relationships with Administrative Officers

Section IV: Campus Faculty Government

  • Campus Constitution
  • Campus Faculty Assembly

Section V: Powers and Responsibilities of the Faculties of the Colleges and Schools

  • College and School Governance
  • Academic and Scholastic Responsibilities
  • Participation with the Administration of the College or School

Section VI: Resolution of Jurisdictional Disputes

  • Campus Assembly vs. Faculty Council
  • Campus Government Body vs. Campus Academic Unit
  • Disputes Over Formation of Conference Committees
  • Disputes over Administrative Decisions

Section VII: Procedural Standards

Section VIII: Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

Section IX: Adoption and Enablement

December 2002 [1] approved by the Faculty Senate, December 3, 2002

[1] Supersedes: "Bylaws of the University of Colorado Faculty Council" (July 1, 1978); Rules of the Faculty Senate (1978); "Panel Procedures for Processing Cases--University Committee on Privilege and Tenure" (RA 12/16/76 and subsequent amendments)