Procurement Card expenses are uploaded to the Concur Travel & Expense System by the bank. They are then shown within the Available Expenses section of your home page for inclusion in your expense report.

Read the procedures

  1. Start your Procurement Card expense report by filling in the header and clicking Save.

  2. You may need to click the Import Expenses link along the top of your expense report to display your card expenses on the right side of your screen.

  3. If you have a Travel Card in addition to a Procurement Card, use the All Cards dropdown to display only your Procurement Card expenses.

  4. Check the box next to the expense(s) you would like to add to this expense report. Use the uppermost checkbox to select all expenses at once. Then, use the Move menu to select To Current Report.

  5. The expense(s) are now assigned to the expense report and appear on the left side of the screen.

  6. Select an expense to add, or edit, the information associated with it. The right side of the screen changes to display the information associated with the selected expense.

  7. Use the Expense Type dropdown to select the appropriate type.

  8. The right side of the screen again changes based on the Expense Type selected. The Expense Type determines what information is required, and therefore which fields appear.

  9. Continue to provide the required information. Click Save once done. Repeat for every expense added to your expense report.

  10. Now that you have added all of your Procurement Card expenses to your report, you are ready to allocate any expenses that should be assigned to or split with another SpeedType(s). All expenses that require allocation must be allocated before the report can be submitted for approval.

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