The CU Supplier Portal allows suppliers to:

  • Electronically register to become a supplier with CU
  • Manage supplier information, such as addresses, contacts, and diversity classification
  • View and respond to University solicitations on the CU Sourcing website.
  • View invoice status online. (This access replaces the need to contact the University for invoice status information.)

To begin a request for a new Honorarium recipient, see Requesting a New Honorarium Recipient

Read the procedures

  1. To begin a new request, select the New Supplier Request form from CU Purchasing & Payment Forms section of the Shopping Home page. Click External Supplier Page.

    (You can also begin a new request using the menu on the left of the page. Hover over the Suppliers icon. Select Requests, Supplier Request.)
  2. The Request New Supplier window appears. Select New Supplier Request and enter the name of the Supplier.
  3. The next page provides instructions for the request and links to procedures and forms. Click Next to move on to the request form.
  4. You are now on the Questions - Company Overview page.

    The system identifies any potential duplicates. Click the link to see these potential matches. If your supplier is not on the list, close the window and proceed with your request.
  5. Provide as much of your supplier’s information as possible. Required fields are starred.
    • If you already have a copy of your supplier’s signed W-9 or W-8, upload it using the Upload button at the bottom of the page. If you don’t have a copy, the W-9/W-8 will be collected from the supplier during the registration process.

    • If the new supplier is a foreign company or organization, there are a few additional questions. This helps the PSC determine whether the international tax office should assist with the registration process.

  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the information, check the certify box, and click Complete Request.
  8. The PSC processes the request and sends the supplier an invitation to the portal to complete registration.
  9. When the supplier is approved and active in the system, your department’s contact will notified.
  10. To see the status of your request, hover over the supplier icon on the left side of your screen, go to requests, and click on Manage Supplier Requests.