An e-receipt is an electronic version of receipt data. It provides all of the same information as your paper receipt, but is sent directly by the hotel or car rental supplier to your expense report in the Concur Travel & Expense system.

Read the procedures

  1. From your Concur home page, locate the E-Receipt Alert and click Sign up here. (If the E-Receipt Alert doesn’t appear, use your Profile instead. Select your Profile menu in the upper right corner of your screen. Then, select E-Receipt Activation.)
  2. Next, the e-receipts activation page appears.  Click the E-Receipt Activation link.
  3. The E-Receipt Activation and Use Agreement window appears. Click I Accept.
  4. A confirmation message appears.
  5. Once activated, your e-receipts appear automatically attached to the appropriate expenses, meaning you don’t need to upload receipts for those expenses. As you create your expense reports, you will see the e-receipt icon next to expenses with e-receipts. Click the icon to view the e-receipt.