How To Buy: Telecom

Telecommunications is a broad term used for identifying broad resources in communications and includes:

  • Telecommunication systems and services (campus-wide voice and data)
  • Internet Provider Services
  • Communications equipment, such as:
    • Cellular phones
    • Intercoms
    • Telephones
    • Transceivers

Departments should use the provided contracted suppliers listed below for their telecom needs. Departments are strongly recommended to contact the Purchasing Agent if the contracted suppliers do not meet your needs. 

Guidelines & Best Practices:

  • $5,000 or less: Use a University issued Procurement Card.
  • Above $5,000: submit a Purchase Order Requisition through Marketplace

Only at the department’s discretion can employees receive a university paid cell phone. Employees requesting a cell phone should coordinate with their department directly.

It is the responsibility of the department to issue, track, and return any and all employee cell phones. The department should reach out to the Cellular Phone/PDA Service Purchasing Agent and the respective supplier contact for their service provider with questions or concerns.

For additional guidance on wireless telephone service, refer to the Finance Procedural Statement Personal Technology and Telecommunications.


AT&T: # 72551YYY07M/NASPO, valid through 8-31-2024  

For any questions about contract changes please contact the associated representative per supplier as found under Supplier Information below.

Contact the following supplier representatives to obtain a price for specific service and equipment, or to place an order for service using your Procurement Card. 

Primary Contact: Marcos Lucero -720.212.1672 -

Account representatives:
Nathan Schler - 

Alternative contact: Andy Vallejo - 800.999.5445 -

$5,000 or less: Use a University issued Procurement Card.

Above $5,000: Submit a Purchase Order Requisition through the CU Marketplace.

For all questions regarding your AT&T service contact Sabrina Stewart.


Verizon: # 72551YYY05M/NASPO, valid through 8-11-2024  

Primary contact: Brad McDivitt: O: 303-518-4375 -

Government support: 1-800-922-0204 -

The best way to manage your Verizon account (bill pay access, reporting and invoicing, adding and managing devices and services) is through the My Business Verizon portal. To enroll in My Business, contact Purchasing Agent Sabrina Stewart and detail:

  • The authorized person's name
  • The account number
  • The authorized person's email address
  • The authorized person’s phone number
  • You will receive a welcome email with instructions to complete enrollment.

Once you are enrolled, you will be able to also access Secure Messaging with Verizon. Secure Messaging is a faster, more efficient way to communicate with Verizon Wireless. Secure Messaging can be found in the Support section of your My Business portal. 

*Note: if you are a current Verizon customer on 3G, please reach out to Sabrina Stewart and for assistance. 

$5,000 or less: Use a University issued Procurement Card.

Above $5,000: Submit a Purchase Order Requisition through the CU Marketplace.

For all questions regarding your Verizon service contact Sabrina Stewart. 


T-Mobile: # 72551YYY08M/NASPO, valid through 8-31-2024

*Note: that T-Mobile & Sprint have merged.

Primary Customer Service representative: Rachel Tanis -
Gabrielle is our T-Mobile dedicated customer service expert and can assist with new cell phone lines, deactivating lines or other customer service related issues.

Regional Manager: Jeremy D. Cost: 701-306-3333 -
Jeremy Cost of T-Mobile can answer either Sprint or T-Mobile related questions. Please detail your phone number or account number when you reach out with any questions about your existing services.

Informational Contact: Corey Profumo: 502.251.9954 -
Corey Profumo handles T-Mobile Outreach and Scheduling meetings between departments and T-Mobile Representatives.

If you seek to add lines or upgrade your Sprint account, T-Mobile will take care of them until the time comes to migrate the Sprint account to T-Mobile.

The migration of any Sprint account will happen in 2022. T-Mobile will notify the University prior to the migration. If a department seeks new service with Sprint or T-Mobile, they will be set up on T-Mobile moving forward.

$5,000 or less: Use a University issued Procurement Card.

Above $5,000: Submit a Purchase Order Requisition through the CU Marketplace.

For all questions regarding your Sprint/T-Mobile plan contact Sabrina Stewart.

Enterprise-Wide Agreement List: Other providers


Supplier Description Term End
Enabling Technology Corp Microsoft Teams Voice Phone System Services 10/31/2026
Comcast Advanced communication solutions, business internet, Ethernet, TV & Voice Services 11/10/2025
Lumen - Centurylink Lumen is an enterprise technology platform that integrates adaptive networking, edge computing, connected security and collaborations services into an advanced architecture to deploy and accelerate your applications 6/30/2032

For all questions regarding the Enterprise-Wide Agreements above contact Amber DeTemple.