This commodity incudes off-site document storage services, offsite document destruction, and secure transportation of documents.

The University does not currently hold any formal agreements with document storage supplier and customers are currently free to utilize the services of any document storage supplier that they see fit. Customers should review Best Practices before starting a search for a supplier and choose one that can assist in compliance of those practices, such as All American Records Management.

While the suppliers listed are not mandatory, they are strongly recommended given the sensitive nature of storing documents and the contractual terms agreed to.

Procurement Options and Procedures

  • $10,000 or less: ​Submit a Purchase Requisition through the CU Marketplace.
  • Above $10,000: Submit a Non-Catalog form, or Standing Purchase Order Requisition, through the CU Marketplace. SPOs are only used when a unit price cannot be determined. Please feel free to contact Purchasing for guidance.

Supplier Information

All American Records Management (AARM)

Contact Name: John Actor


Phone: 720.319.5734

Process Notes:

AARM will provide departments with the necessary forms and information upon contact to begin service. Use the customer service email above to initiate. If you currently have documents at any other storage facility, AARM will subsidize the move if an “Account Closing Quote” is obtained. Details about how to accomplish any such change are outlined in the attached documents.

Best Practices

Physical offsite storage requires appropriate handling and protection of the University of Colorado’s physical records, including, but not limited to, paper records, audio tapes, video tapes, and photographs. The security of these items is particularly important when they contain high and moderate risk data.  

Utilizing document storage services requires ongoing management and oversight. Please follow these best practices to ensure the safety and security of University records:  

  • Before sending items to off‐site storage, determine if the records can be destroyed, stored electronically, or stored on‐site. If physical offsite storage is determined necessary contact the PSC to review any current recommended off‐ site storage suppliers.
  • Maintain a complete inventory of all items stored off‐site with suppliers, including the box number, record name, description, file listing, date range, and required retention/destruction date. 
  • Perform quarterly inventory, invoice and personnel reviews with the storage supplier. To ensure full transparency and continued proper handling, departments utilizing off-site storage services must complete quarterly reviews of standing inventory, open or outstanding invoices and any department level personnel changes with the storage supplier.  
  • When the prescribed retention period for a university record has passed, the university record shall be destroyed.  If there is no prescribed retention period the university record shall be destroyed when it has outlived its usefulness as determined by the unit in possession of the university record. 
  • The means of disposal may be determined by the unit in possession of the university record but must take into account the nature of the record’s contents. 
    • Confidential or personal records, e.g., records containing personally identifiable information, trade secrets, personal or sensitive financial information, research results, or records subject to any privilege, such as attorney-client, shall be destroyed using an appropriate method to render the content irretrievable and illegible.  For details on appropriate techniques for destruction of records, see appendix A of the NIST Special Publication 800-88:  Media Sanitization Guidelines

Additional information regarding the University of Colorado’s Record Retention Policies can be found here.  

Purchasing Agents

Druselle May

Purchasing Agent – Requisition or Change Order inquiries

Email: Druselle May

Hunter Mangrum 

Strategic Sourcing Specialist – Supplier or Best Practices inquiries

Email: Hunter Mangrum