This commodity offers a variety of services for off-site or on site Data Destruction including paper shredding, locking bins, and secure transport, etc. There are three suppliers that currently have state price agreements for data destruction. Departments may use other suppliers for their document destruction needs as long as the cost is less than $50,000 per year; use of suppliers with state price agreements is not mandatory.

Procurement Options and Procedures

  • $10,000 or less: ​Submit a Purchase Requisition through the CU Marketplace.
  • Above $10,000: Submit a Non-Catalog form, or Standing Purchase Order Requisition, through the CU Marketplace. SPOs are only used when a unit price cannot be determined. Please feel free to contact Purchasing for guidance.

Supplier Information

Bayaud Enterprises, Inc.

Contact Information

Mobile Record Shredders, LLC (UCCS only)

Contact Information

Shred-IT Denver

Contact Information

State Price Agreement

State Price agreements are available online

  • Bayaud Enterprises, Inc.: #2018-084, valid through 5-31-20
  • Mobile Record Shredders, LLC: # 2018-082, valid through 5-31-20
  • Shred-IT Denver: # 2018-083, valid through 5-31-20

Purchasing Agent

Katie Wilson