This commodity covers background checking services. Such services include, but are not limited to, the following: criminal (felony and misdemeanor) records search, sexual offender search, motor vehicle records search, Social Security Number trace, credit history, employment history verification, and credential and/or education verification.

Procurement Options and Procedures

  • $10,000 or less: Submit a Purchase Requisition through the CU Marketplace.
  • Above $10,000: Submit a Purchase Requisition, or a Standing Purchase Order Requisition, through the CU Marketplace.

Supplier Information

HireRight, Inc. (Vendor ID # 203099, Address # 1)

Contact Information

  • Lisa Nicely Phone: 909.932.0099

Additional Information

Through its relationship with the Educational & Institutional (E&I) Cooperative, the University of Colorado can use HireRight, Inc., for background checking services in any dollar amount. E&I selected this vendor as the result of a competitively bid solicitation. For additional information on HireRight services:

  • Denver departments should contact Cindy Melvin (HR office, 303.315.2706)
  • Boulder/Colorado Springs/System departments should contact the designated purchasing agent

University Price Agreement

Agreement # CNR01336 valid until Sept 30, 2023

Purchasing Agent

Katie Wilson