When an invoice is entered into CU Marketplace, it becomes a voucher and a process called “matching” begins. Matching is where the system compares the voucher to the Purchase Order (PO)/Standing Purchase Order (SPO) and identifies whether the amounts and quantities match. This is referred to as 2-way match since it matches two documents: the invoice and the PO/SPO.

For POs over $10,000, matching also verifies whether the required receiving has been done. This is referred to as 3-way match since it matches three documents: the invoice, the PO, and the receipt.

When 2- or 3-way match can’t happen, it is referred to as a “match exception.” Vouchers cannot pay until the issues are resolved. An email notification from CU Marketplace will be sent to the Requestor and the appropriate Invoice/Match Exception Approver(s) when a match exception occurs.

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Who can ensure resolution of invoice match exceptions?

Invoice/Match Exception Approvers do not approve match exceptions – only ensure their resolution. (This role also approves SPO vouchers, as detailed in Approving SPO Vouchers.) An Invoice/Match Exception Approver is an individual with a fiscal role on the SpeedType (except Officer or Fiscal Role – Report Recipient) who also has been granted CU Marketplace Approver Invoice access by his or her department.

If an Invoice/Match Exception Approver does approve a voucher and the match exception hasn’t been resolved, this will cause delay of payment to the supplier. The voucher will first route to PSC Payable Services for them to follow-up on resolution of the match exception.

Match Exception #1: No receipt has been entered

Receiving is required when the PO total is over $10,000, regardless of the amount of each invoice.

Solution:  Receiving should be entered by someone with knowledge that the goods/services were received, who also has Requestor or Receiver access in CU Marketplace…or, if receiving should not be done, investigate why and work on a resolution. For receiving instructions, refer to Entering Receiving (Creating Quantity Receipts) for POs.

Match Exception #2: Invoice quantity/amount greater than PO (or SPO) quantity/amount

  1. The PO needs to be revised (or the SPO increased), or
  2. The supplier invoice is incorrect.

Solution:  Depends on the reason:

If the PO (or SPO) needs to be updated, submit a change order request to changeorder@cu.edu. Include in your request the PO (or SPO) number and description of the change. The Requestor will receive an email notification from CU Marketplace once the change order is processed.

If the supplier’s invoice is incorrect, contact the supplier for a credit memo.

There may be multiple match exceptions involved, such as missing receiving for a PO over $10,000 and invoice quantity/amount greater than PO quantity/amount. Be sure all exceptions are resolved to avoid payment delay!

Determining a Voucher’s Match Exceptions

  1. In CU Marketplace, click Action Items (flag) at the top of your screen and select the Invoices link under the Unassigned Approvals section.

    Alternately, you can use your left-side navigation bar and go to Accounts Payable > Approvals > Invoices to Approve.

  2. Use the Current Workflow Step filter (left side of your screen) to only see those with Match Exceptions.

  3. Vouchers pending approval are organized into folders. Each folder is a SpeedType on which you have a fiscal role other than Officer or Fiscal Staff –Report Recipient. If a single voucher uses multiple SpeedTypes, it will appear in each applicable SpeedType folder for which you are an Approver.

    You can work within the Folder view, or you can use the Filter View (eye icon) dropdown (upper right corner of your screen) to instead view a list of all vouchers pending approval.

  4. To further narrow the list of vouchers pending approval that is currently visible to you, use the filters on the left side of your screen.

  5. Click the voucher number to begin the review.

  6. Within the voucher, go to the Matching tab to determine the reason for the match exceptions.