After the Requestor submits a shopping cart as a requisition, CU Marketplace will route the requisition for financial approval. Financial approval is given by an individual with a fiscal role on the SpeedType (except Officer or Fiscal Staff – Report Recipient) who also has been granted CU Marketplace Approver access by his or her department. In order to approve the requisition’s line(s) using your SpeedType, you will need to give approval for the entire requisition. The Approvers for any other SpeedTypes are responsible for approving their own SpeedType use.

You will receive an email notification from CU Marketplace when a requisition is pending your approval.

Financial approval is required for requisitions over $10,000, and for Payment Vouchers (PVs) regardless of dollar amount.

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Approving Requisitions by Email

One way to approve requisitions is by email. You will receive an email from when a requisition is pending your approval.

Before you can approve by email, you will need to set your email approval code in your CU Marketplace profile. You only need to set your approval code once – refer to Initiating Email Approvals within CU Marketplace to learn how.

Once your approval code is set…

  1. Open the email.

  2. Review the requisition’s details in the email, such as supplier, goods/services being requested, dollar amount, and accounting information.

  3. Click the Take Action button within the email.

  4. You will be prompted to select an action – such as approve the voucher – and enter your approval code.

  5. If you are an Approver for multiple SpeedTypes associated with the voucher, you will receive a separate email for each SpeedType. When taking action via email, each email must be approved for the entire requisition to be approved; repeat steps 1-4 for each email.

Approving Requisitions in CU Marketplace

Another way to approve requisitions is within CU Marketplace.

  1. Access your pending requisition approvals by using your Action Items list. Click Action Items (flag icon) located in the ribbon at the top of the screen and select the appropriate list.
    Alternately, you can use the navigation bar on the left side of your screen and go to Orders > Approvals > Requisitions to Approve.
  2. Requisitions pending your approval are organized into folders. Each folder is a SpeedType on which you have a fiscal role other than Officer. If a single requisition uses multiple SpeedTypes, it will appear in each applicable SpeedType folder for which you are an Approver.
  3. You can work within the Folder view, or you can use the Filter View (eye icon) dropdown (upper right corner of your screen) to instead view a list of all requisitions pending approval.
  4. Additionally, you can use the filters on the left side of your screen to narrow the list of requisitions pending approval that is currently visible to you. For example, you can refine your list by Form Type and view only the Payment Vouchers (PVs) or Standing Purchase Orders (SPOs) pending approval.
  5. Assign the requisition to yourself by clicking Assign or the person icon. (If the Assign button doesn’t appear, the requisition has already been assigned to someone for approval.)
    When you assign a requisition to yourself that is pending approval from other SpeedTypes on which you are also an approver, a pop-up message gives you the option to approve for all of your SpeedTypes at once. Click Yes to do so…or, click No to only approve for this SpeedType.
  6. Click the requisition number to begin your review. 
  7. Review the requested items and accounting information; ask yourself:
    • Are the requested items appropriate for purchase? (Do they comply with the PSC Procedural Statement Sensitive Expenses and, within the Administrative Policy Statement Propriety of Expenses, the Tests of Propriety?)
    • If a Payment Voucher is being used, can the requested item be purchased on a Payment Voucher?
    • Is the accounting information appropriate for this purchase?
  8. If a form – such as the Standing Purchase Order form or Payment Voucher form – is associated with the request, a blue hyperlink appears on the line item details. Click the blue hyperlink to access the form and review the additional data.
  9. After reviewing the requisition, you have three options:
    • Approve Requisition As Is
      To approve the entire requisition as is, use the Approve & Next button (located in the upper right corner of the page).
    • Approve Some Line Items But Not Others
      To partially approve a requisition, begin by rejecting the line(s) you do not want to approve.
      (1) Reject a line by checking the checkbox to the right of the line.
      (2) Then, use the Line Item Actions or three dot icon dropdown to select Reject. (You can mark multiple lines for rejection at once.) A pop-up window will appear to enter a reject reason for the line(s). This note will be sent as an email notification to the Requestor.
      Once the appropriate lines have been rejected, approve the remaining line(s). Use the Approve & Next button (located in the upper right corner of the page).
    • Not Approve The Requisition
      To deny the requisition as is, you will either return or reject the requisition.
      Returned requisitions are sent back to the Requestor. The Requestor can then update and resubmit the requisition.
      Rejected requisitions are cancelled and therefore cannot be updated. If appropriate, the Requestor can create and submit a new requisition for processing.
      Both actions are available in the Actions dropdown located in the upper right corner of the page or in the Actions menu next to the document or Requisition number. Also, both actions result in an email notification to the Requestor.
  10. The next requisition pending your approval will appear.