When you return from your University trip, create and submit an expense report within the Concur Travel & Expense System. Your expense report should include all relevant Travel Card and out-of-pocket expenses. The completed expense report may result in a reimbursement to you, or in you owing money to the University.

Read the procedures

1.) Begin your expense report by creating the report header. If you have an outstanding cash advance, you will be prompted to assign a cash advance to your expense report.

2.) Click View

3.) On the Cash Advance window, click Add

4.) Check the box next to the appropriate advance and click Add to Report

5.)Click Close

6.) Enter each trip expense into the report as you normally would.

7.) A running total of the amount remaining on the assigned cash advance appears in a box towards the top of your expense report.

8.) The entire advance amount must be reconciled on this expense report (i.e., the Outstanding Advance balance must equal $0).
If there is a remaining advance amount, enter a Return of Cash Advance expense. To do this:

a.) Select the Return of Cash Advance Expense Type.

b.) Enter the date you are processing this expense report – or, if you have already returned the advance to the University, the date of return – as the Expense Date.

c.) Enter the Outstanding Advance balance as the amount.

d.) The Outstanding Advance balance should now be $0.

9.) Next, review the Report Totals summary to determine the amount of money you owe to the University. To access the Report Totals summary, use the Report Details menu to select Report Totals.

Arrange payment with your campus Bursar's Office for deposit into the appropriate SpeedType using the Cash Receipt form. The Account ChartField to use is 013109. The validated Cash Receipt form must be attached to your expense report before submission.