NextGen UI

In the NextGen UI, once users have completed the primary Lodging Rate expense information, they can Upload Receipt Image on the same screen. Upon doing so, the receipt remains visible throughout the entry process. There is no need to toggle from tab to tab to view the receipt, making itemization much easier. Users also have the ability to Hide Receipt if they so choose.

Once the primary Lodging Rate expense information is complete, users can click on the Itemizations tab, doing so will automatically save the primary expense information.

In Itemizations, click Create Itemization, in the New itemization window, search for and select Lodging Rate.

Users can itemize lodging nights by rates for The Same Every Night or Not the Same.

The Same Every Night

The Itemizations tab will default to Entry Type of Recurring Itemization and The Same Every Night rate option. Users simply enter the Room Rate and Room Tax (combined or broken out) and click Save Itemization.

Confirm the line items appear appropriately and click Save Expense.

Not the Same

The Itemizations tab will default to Entry Type of Recurring Itemization and The Same Every Night rate option. Users will need to select Not the Same, then enter the applicable rates by night for the Room Rate and Room Tax (combined or broken out) for the full stay and click Save Itemization.