The Legal Issue is the Office of University Counsel’s newsletter. It addresses various legal issues University faculty and staff could encounter in the course of business here at the University.

Topics include recent relevant court cases, changes in state or federal law and applications of University policies and rules.

Volume 6

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  • Facebook vs. the First Amendment: Student Free Speech in the Digital Age
  • Colorado Sunshine Laws

Volume 5

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  • The Unrelated Business Income Tax and Its Consequences for CU
  • Christian Legal Society v. Martinez: The Supreme Court upholds non-discrimination policy applied to student organizations

Volume 4

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  • Student Privacy: Recent Amendments to FERPA
  • Google's Effort to Create the World's Largest Library
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • Circumvention of Copyright Protection Technologies under the DMCA
  • Legal Issues in Experiential Education

Volume 3

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  • E-Verify: New Requirements for Federal Contractors
  • The Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Act
  • What You Should Know: The Passing of the Higher Education Opportunity Act
  • The Colorado Open Records Act: The Public's Right to Obtain University Records
  • Export Control Laws
  • The Attorney-Client Privilege and the University Employee
  • Updates: Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations

Volume 2

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  • FERPA and Campus Safety
  • Contracts 101 - The Anatomy of a Contract
  • Reprise: "You've Got Mail" - And We May Ask You to Keep It
  • Fair Use
  • Political Activities on Campus During Election Season
  • The Recording Industry's Campaign against Illegal Filesharing on College Campuses
  • The Impact of Federal Regulations on Blood Drives at the University
  • A Creative Approach to Copyright

Volume 1

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  • HB 06S-1023: Verification of Lawful Presence for Recipients of Public Benefits
  • Religious Discrimination in Higher Education
  • Unpaid Internships
  • The Federal Rules: Common Questions and Answers
  • FERPA: What Is It And How Does It Apply To CU?
  • Beyond Privacy: FERPA Exceptions and Communication Within the University Regarding Student Conduct
  • FERPA: Not the Only "Privacy" Statute to Which CU Needs to Pay Attention