A new UIS product coming to campuses in fall 2021

UIS is working to create a Tableau Server as an enterprise visualization tool for all campuses. This project will allow the university to have a fixed, discounted cost for Tableau desktop that could be procured through CU Marketplace. Tableau is not replacing any other reporting tools. Current users of Cognos will not be impacted, and Cognos will remain a UIS-supported tool. Read our UIS news story to learn more about the recent Tableau contract that was signed.

What is Tableau and what is changing?

Tableau is a data visualization tool that consists of a Tableau server (to be managed by UIS) as well as Tableau desktop instances. Currently, CU Denver and CU Boulder have campus-based licenses, which are only available to their users. After this change, UIS will manage Tableau Server for all University of Colorado campuses.

This change enables UIS to provide a platform for all CU customers for direct data sharing use. The Tableau Server will be available on the UIS website, Cherwell and all applicable systems with additional authentication through Ping.  

Tableau Server

A Tableau Server hosts and holds all shared Tableau workbooks, data sources and related data, keeping files secure and protected. The server enables users to publish and share data.  This service would be provided to all approved university faculty and staff.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau desktop allows you to author reports and dashboards, which must be procured locally by your campus and installed locally on your machine. 


Learning opportunities and workshops to experience the new changes before go-live will be available in 2021. Emails will be sent to notify users of these trainings. 


Will the UIS implementation be HIPAA compliant?

Yes, the Tableau server will be HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

How will content be moved from campus instances to UIS instances?

UIS will leverage the Tableau migration software to move content, and will discuss details of the exact approach with stakeholders in June and July.

Will this change provide a public space that anyone can access?

Yes a public space will be provided, and more details will be provided in the coming months.

Will there be a charge to use the Tableau server?

It will be an enterprise charge, so there will be no charge to individual departments for Tableau Server. See next question for clarification of cost for purchasing Tableau desktop.

How will licensing be handled? How do I purchase a new desktop license (or renew a license)?

If you need to purchase or renew a Tableau Desktop license, see contact details.  For Tableau desktop, CU has negotiated a special rate of $567 per desktop license (per year). UIS will manage licensing for the CU Public and Private Tableau servers.

Will it be integrated to Campus authentication?

The system-wide Tableau server will have similar login methods as portal and other enterprise application where you will authenticate against your campus directory.

I’m not a current Tableau user. When can I start using the CU Enterprise Server?

Please see the questions above regarding the process to purchase a desktop license.  Once purchased and installed, you can start building out your reports and dashboard while you wait to be migrated.

The CU Tableau Enterprise project will prioritize migration for existing users first (those who already have a license at the outset of the project).  Any new Tableau users will be migrated as soon as possible once the migration and project are complete (fall 2021 at the earliest). 

Team meetings

Miss a team meeting? View the Zoom recording and slides below.

May 24, 2021

April 5, 2021

March 1, 2021