Have questions about the new Campus Solutions navigation?

First, check the how-to guides and demo videos on the Campus Solutions project page. We will respond to other questions or workarounds here. If you don't see your question addressed below or on the project page, please submit your question via the Campus Solutions Upgrade feedback form.

Why did the Campus Solutions navigation have to change?

Oracle, the product owner, is no longer supporting the old navigation. The latest update required a new tile-based, responsive navigation. It was a not a CU decision to change the navigation, but since it was required, we worked closely with users to have their help with the new design. While change can be hard, the new navigation allows Campus Solutions to be fully supported and for greater personalization. The Main Menu is still available through the NavBar in the top right corner, under Navigator. Use it when necessary to build Favorites and Homepages that work for you.

Why did this update happen in October?

UIS worked with site administrators and campus groups to identify a time that would have the least impact. While no time is ideal, October is historically a time with less intensive use of Campus Solutions.

Why can't I find Related Content when I'm on a page in a navigation collection?

There is a known issue and more related content will be added to navigation collections. A workaround is to use the first option described in the quick guide to using the new window feature. If you select the New Window option at the top right corner of each page (rather than the one found in the Actions Menu), a second window will open. The page will open outside of a navigation collection and the related content will be found. 

Why am I still seeing the old Campus Solutions navigation?

You probably need to clear your cache. Follow these steps to get started.  

Why can't I find my saved Favorites?

The good news is that you did not lose your favorites with the new navigation. If you are not finding them, you likely are not fully in the new Campus Solutions. We recommend you log out and then log in directly to Campus Solutions on a browser where you cache has been cleared. Here are directions on how to clear your cache.

Where are the Previous Search Results?

The "Previous Search Results" feature is not currently available. Oracle is no longer offering this feature, but we are working to encourage them to bring this feature to the latest version of Campus Solutions. ID Carry is still functional; you just cannot see your extensive search

Why does one tab say my session has timed out while I am still working in another tab?

When using Campus Solutions with multiple tabs, each tab is keeping track of activity to activate a timeout.  The result is that even if a user is engaged with the system on one tab, another tab may present a timeout warning.  However, if the user is actively engaged, they will not be logged out even if the timeout message is presented.  We are currently working with Oracle to resolve this and avoid confusion.  

Where can I find my personalized pagelets, such as My Reports?

Some administrative users may be used to custom pagelets on their homepage. The most common example is My Reports, where users were able to put this quick link on the classic homepage to quickly access reports.  We’ll look into adapting common pagelets into dynamic tiles in the near future.  For the time being, users will need to navigate to and search on the delivered page. For example, you can now get to My Report by going to the Report Manager page. You can also now customize your homepage using tiles.

Still have questions?

Send questions, feedback or suggestions to the UIS project team as we continue working to improve CU-SIS Campus Solutions.