Get to know the new PeopleTools features in HCM

Beginning early Oct. 24, HCM users will experience new application features. The latest upgrade makes it easier to navigate to the data and transactions most important to you.


  • Homepage Navigation Options: You can use the dropdown Homepage Selector, which is now on the top left, immediately below the top banner, or you can use the Previous and Next buttons in the homepage navigator on the top right to move through your tile-based homepages in sequence.
  • Global Search Bar: An alternative to menu navigation, just clicking in the search field box will produce suggestions based on commonly visited pages. As you type, the results narrow in response. You can select from the list of suggestions or go to the search results page where you can filter options by menu folder.
  • Quick Access Bar: On the far-left side of tile-based homepages, your Recently Visited and Favorites are only a click away.
  • Notifications Alert: Still located on the bell icon in the top banner, alerts that you have unread notifications now show an exclamation mark inside a red dot. An example can be seen at the end of the Homepage Enhancement Guide.
  • NavBar Enhancements: The NavBar icons for Recently Visited, Favorites and Menu (previously known as Navigator) have changed. Additionally, the NavBar menu now includes breadcrumbs showing the file structure of any item or folder, which can be clicked to navigate as well.




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New Features in HCM PeopleTools