Get to know the new PeopleTools features in Campus Solutions

On Oct. 23, a CU-SIS Campus Solutions PeopleTools upgrade will deliver new features that will make it easier to navigate to the data and transactions most important to you.


  • Homepage Navigation Options: You can use the dropdown Homepage Selector, which is now on the top left, immediately below the top banner, or you can use the Previous and Next buttons in the top-right homepage navigator to move through your tile-based homepages in sequence.
  • Global Search Bar: An alternative to menu navigation, the global search bar allows you to easily search any page within Campus Solutions. The search field box will dynamically narrow your results as you type and even sort results based on prior user activity. You can use any of the dynamic results or click into the search results page for more options.
  • Quick Access Bar: On the far-left side of tile-based homepages, your Recently Visited and Favorites are only a click away.
  • NavBar Enhancements: The icons for Recently Visited, Favorites and Menu (previously known as Navigator) tiles on the NavBar have changed. The Menu now also includes breadcrumbs, which allow you to navigate up the menu hierarchy to a menu folder, including the root folder.

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New Features in Campus Solutions PeopleTools