NameCampus Partner Go-LiveValuePhaseHealthManager
Office 365 Email and Chat This project will transition System Administration email & chat service from on-premise Microsoft Exchange to cloud-based Office 365, to increase efficiencies, increase disaster-recovery, reduce the cost of supporting email, align with our campus partners and create a foundation for future collaboration tools across CU.2 - PlanningNoneEric Brown
Initiative - Wireless Upgrade As part of the technology refresh program we will be upgrading the wireless network environment at the Systems Administration, Advancement, and branch locations. Stronger wireless signals and expanded coverage are just some of the benefits customers are expected to see as part of this upgrade. HA configuration, which isn't currently setup, will be addressed during this initiative and we will maintain current support for the back-end infrastructure. We will look to take advantage of new features and functionalities to ensure a secure, reliable, and performant wireless experience.2 - PlanningGreenDesmond Grant
CS PUM 12 This Project provides important regulatory financial aid updates, and bug fixes for other IT, administrative and student users of the application. Administrative users will benefit from enhancements and bug fixes for additional components.2 - PlanningNonePhillip Curry
Open Enrollment 2019Wed 7/31/19 2 - PlanningNoneTricia Strating
Leepfrog Phase 3 - Student Registration within Class Search Allow Boulder students to register for classes directly using the FocusSearch interface * Better experience for the students (more integrated) * More intuitive experience (feedback from students is that Class Search is very intuitive; Campus Solutions is not)2 - PlanningYellowSiegfried Appelt
HCM Tools 8.56 and PUM 29 UpgradeSat 3/23/19This project ensures the PeopleSoft platform of HCM is up-to-date and staying within vendor support. It also allows for UIS to support business user needs represented through quicker adoption of PeopleSoft feature sets that are dependent on PT 8.56 and the HCM PUMs2 - PlanningGreenSteve Thormod
eRA InfoEd V15 Point Release Upgrade The latest release updates the code base in several key areas. It will: - Modernize the interface in Proposal Tracking (PT) and Award Tracking (AT) by introducing a new color scheme and doing away with folder icons for menus with a simpler look and feel. - Introduces 'One-click' features in Conflict of Interest (COI) and Human Subjects (HS) modules - Enhanced features added to routing that include eForms as tabs, more options for rich text editing, and progressive text search - eForms+ in COI - Added features in the ENABLE portal to improve user experience - Our current release is 12+ months behind the current release code. - Several bug fixes not available until a new code version is installed - Kendo grid formating adds filtering and sorting options not available previously2 - PlanningNoneEric Brown
Online MS-EE Degree This project will allow UIS to support CU Boulder in creating a fully online, MOOC based MS degree/Certificates in Electrical Engineering using Coursera.2 - PlanningNoneSiegfried Appelt
Spring Start 2019Mon 1/14/19This project will ensure, thru a series of tasks and tests, that campuses can perform normal day-to-day operations while enterprise systems process heavy load during semester start up.3 - ExecutionGreenDorene Beaver
New Service Framework The UIS reorganization and New Service Framework will strengthen partnerships with the campuses to more effectively set strategy and coordinate efforts. In addition, UIS and campus partners will benefit from a holistic view of the delivery pipeline. This effort was identified as a top opportunity in the maturation of UIS as the organization responds to the velocity and quality of expected changes. This effort supports IT Governance IT Strategic and Annual Plan efforts.3 - ExecutionGreenDorene Beaver
Unified Student Experience - UIS Services More effectively supporting students throughout their matriculation at CU-Boulder that links to the Chancellor’s retention goals, specifically through objective 1.1: Foster student success by engaging campus leadership on campus-wide student retention efforts, and 1.1.3. Modify existing IT services (MyCUBoulder/MyCUInfo and various portals) to create a unified one-portal experience for students.3 - ExecutionRedSteve Thormod
ISSM Replacement (Sunapsis)Thu 1/31/19Campus International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) departments receive several benefits in the functionality and efficiency of their business practices. The replacement application Sunapsis provides the same core functionality as the current tool with additional features. Students, scholars and departments will be able to submit and manage their supporting documentation through a secure portal prior to becoming a part of the CU Community. Their submissions will be visible to advisors in real time. Sunapsis can automatically run reports, email constituents and alert advisors about missing documents. Form management is also changing to allow external users to create and maintain forms within the tool, including electronic signatures. Unlike the current version, Sunapsis exchanges information with the federal international student database, returning results to advisors in real time. Additionally, the project includes a more robust interface with Campus Solutions.3 - ExecutionGreenSiegfried Appelt
Operational Event Logging/QRadar ReplacementThu 2/14/19A new centralized operational information and event management tool will now allow UIS teams to more efficiently track, monitor, log and access system information. When users experience an error or a system experiences a service incident, this new tool will help UIS teams to more quickly identify its source and resolve the incident or issue. This new system has been in production for more than six months. In March 2019, UIS will retire IBM QRadar application and move all the content it monitored to the new tool. Using a centralized logging tool across all UIS applications will provide consistency, efficiencies and support operational excellence.3 - ExecutionGreenSteve Thormod
Initiative CU-SIS: Automated Duplicate Resolution Since CU went live with Campus Solutions, all 4 campuses have resolved duplicates manually which is an inefficient, time consuming process for the university. CU needs an automated process that will resolve duplicates systematically by moving and deleting data. The proposed change/options will allow users to use an automated process for duplicate prospect records that will resolve the duplicate records systematically by moving/copying data from the duplicate record to the surviving record and eventually deleting the duplicate person ID when the system can based off the data standard in place. 3 - ExecutionYellowPhillip Curry
Initiative - DataStage Upgrade 11.7 The DataStage upgrade will bring the ETL tool back into a supported version so if IBM support is required for any issues, it will be covered under our current support agreement. The value for the Data Warehouse customers is the data environment will be up to date and accurate for their reporting and analytic needs.3 - ExecutionNoneLisa Damboise