NameCampus Partner Go-LiveValuePhaseHealthManagerPortfolios
HCM Regs 19CThu 10/3/19Regulatory updates are applied to ensure that CU is compliant with core HCM functionality.3 - ExecutionGreenCindy Kraft 
PeopleTools 8.57 IGW/Portal, HCM PUM 30 catchupSun 10/27/19This project ensures the PeopleSoft platform of Portal, Gateway, and HCM is up-to-date and staying within vendor support. It also allows for UIS to support business user needs represented through quicker adoption of PeopleSoft feature sets that are dependent on these updates for IGW/Portal and the HCM PUMs3 - ExecutionGreenSiegfried Appelt 
CS PUM 14Sun 10/6/19This Project provides important regulatory financial aid updates, and bug fixes for other IT, administrative and student users of the application. Administrative users will benefit from enhancements and bug fixes for additional components.3 - ExecutionGreenPhillip Curry 
Initiative - CU-SIS Automated Duplicate Resolution Since CU went live with Campus Solutions, all 4 campuses have resolved duplicates manually which is an inefficient, time consuming process for the university. CU needs an automated process that will resolve duplicates systematically by moving and deleting data. The proposed change/options will allow users to use an automated process for duplicate prospect records that will resolve the duplicate records systematically by moving/copying data from the duplicate record to the surviving record and eventually deleting the duplicate person ID when the system can based off the data standard in place. 3 - ExecutionGreenPhillip CurryInitiatives
Initiative - Self-Service Password Reset Business Justification: Reduce the overall number of support calls involving password resets. During peak seasons, password resets frequently becomes a crucial bottleneck for the service desk and a large support burden leading to a loss of productivity. Additionally, this service will allow our users to reset their password outside of normal support windows.2 - PlanningGreenToby LutzInitiatives
Initiative - Network Remediation - FRGP Upgrade This initiative will: • Increase UIS processing site bandwidth to campus customers and Internet services. • increase 1800 Grant connectivity bandwidth to campus customers and the Internet. • Replace charge-back MOE connectivity cost from UCD with 10Gb/s private BGP peering on new circuit. • Allow private peering with UCB/UCCS at 10Gb/s in future at two locations (BGP fail-over). • Allow bandwidth increase between UIS and our ISP Front Range GigaPop (FRGP) immediately to 1 Gb/s, with easy expansion to 10Gb/s in increments as required in future. • Remove MOE circuit costs from contract. • Allow Internet2 (I2) route balancing to maximize bandwidth efficiency.2 - PlanningGreenLonnie MaynardInitiatives
Initiative - HCM Automation by using PTF In support of HCM and QA automation strategy represented in Annual plan. HCM Services Value Statement: PTF (Peoplesoft Test Framework) will enable HCM Services to automate both System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing of both major enhancements as well as any new changes applied to an environment. It will allow us to complete more tests with a greater level of accuracy and a faster execution time. This is critical for testing maintenance windows (Non-Production and Production), Oracle CPU’s and as well as when environments are refreshed. Above all it will enable us to adopt changes more rapidly when applying features and functionality found within PUM Images. This benefits the end user who experiences all the benefits of the latest PeopleSoft technology within our system. HCM Development Value Statement: PTF provides an ability to perform system regression testing easily and effectively. Automated regression testing help developers perform following tasks much faster and accurate. -Baseline testing before maintenance windows -Post maintenance windows validation -System overall regression testing for critical system changes such as TBT transactions MyLeave, Open Enrollment etc -PeopleTools Upgrade -PUM updates, especially for CPUs QA Value Statement: Work in partnership with HCM Services and Development teams to support automation strategy. Additionally, QA testers will gain PTF knowledge and expertise to support development and execution of scripts for current project such as HCM as well as future Oracle projects. Additional Value from a PTF perspective: o No licensing costs o Enhanced test accuracy with minimal manual intervention o Higher Test Coverage o Users can validate recorded actions against PS browser-based application o Tests can be moved between different PeopleSoft systems o Security is the same as PeopleSoft applications—role-based2 - PlanningYellowSasi SunkariInitiatives
Initiative - UCCS Fluid Student Portal Provides modern and improved User Experience (UX) across desktop and mobile devices using PeopleSoft Fluid. Provides enhanced navigation, improved Course Schedule, Academic Calendar, and dynamic content on tiles creating a dashboard-like look and feel per UCCS direction.2 - PlanningGreenChris ToomerInitiatives
Initiative - OIM Upgrade The current implementation of OIM 11gR2 is no longer supported by Oracle. OIM 11gR2 is currently not stable in production. So, we are upgrading to OIM 12c.3 - ExecutionGreenKirk WalkerInitiatives
Initiative - ESA Improvements ESA currently pulls contact information for eRA users from HCM. There could be multiple contacts for a single user, including personal/affiliate contact information. This initiative will improve the ESA integration by pulling in email addresses, phone numbers, and degrees that are more aligned with the business needs of eRA users. These improvements will reduce time and effort needed to make corrections in eRA and ensure communications are sent to the appropriate email addresses.3 - ExecutionGreenJordan WightInitiatives
Initiative - Billing Automation Campuses have requested process improvements to their current business processes to eliminate inefficiencies. The opportunities for improvement identified will eliminate many manual processes and significantly save time in generating and delivering invoices.2 - PlanningGreenKeith CarpenterInitiatives
Initiative - Sunapsis 4 Upgrade This initiative will build a new environment for development, implement a new version of Sunapsis, and implement the student/scholar portal. Benefits include: - Upgrade prior to being out of support July 2020 - Separation of development from functionality testing, minimizing impacts to one another and improving efficiencies - Modernized user interface for improved staff experience - Implementing student/scholar self-service portal, easing communications with International Student and Scholar Services2 - PlanningGreenJoseph CieciorInitiatives
Initiative - Wireless Upgrade As part of the technology refresh program we will be upgrading the wireless network environment at the Systems Administration, Advancement, and branch locations. Stronger wireless signals and expanded coverage are just some of the benefits customers are expected to see as part of this upgrade. HA configuration, which isn't currently setup, will be addressed during this initiative and we will maintain current support for the back-end infrastructure. We will look to take advantage of new features and functionalities to ensure a secure, reliable, and performant wireless experience.2 - PlanningGreenDesmond GrantInitiatives
Initiative - DataStage Upgrade 11.7 The DataStage upgrade will bring the ETL tool back into a supported version so if IBM support is required for any issues, it will be covered under our current support agreement. The value for the Data Warehouse customers is the data environment will be up to date and accurate for their reporting and analytic needs.3 - ExecutionGreenLisa DamboiseInitiatives
Initiative - Cognos Upgrade and Authentication Change Update the authentication provider (saml to ping - OpenID Connect) and remove the custom authentication provider (csp code) used to make the saml - FedAuthen compatible with the Cognos application. Immediate Benefits: - address security risks including the inability to add groups to folders/reports - m_Fin trigger Long Term Benefits: - Enhanced security and support switching to IBM-supported authentication provider - Stay in support with IBM (quarterly updates - we are now 4 fix packs/releases behind) - New and enhanced functionality in upgraded Cognos version2 - PlanningYellowElizabeth Snow-TrenkleInitiatives
Initiative - SharePoint Online CU Systems will benefit by migrating SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online (SPO) as SPO provides a more synchronous, feature rich, reliable, and up to date collaborative experience. SPO provides seamless integration with Office365 and its applications including OneDrive and the SharePoint mobile app. SPO dramatically reduces administrative overhead keeping the environment up to date and secure.2 - PlanningGreenWilliam ShelbyInitiatives
Office 365 Email and Chat This project will transition System Administration email & chat service from on-premise Microsoft Exchange to cloud-based Office 365, to increase efficiencies, increase disaster-recovery, reduce the cost of supporting email, align with our campus partners and create a foundation for future collaboration tools across CU. With the move to O365 for email and collaboration, UIS will be implementing Microsoft Teams for System. This tool provides a virtual meeting space where people can actively collaborate in real time – this includes chat functionality, working with shared files, and access to additional Microsoft tools such as SharePoint and OneDrive. OneDrive provides cloud-based file storage; if needed, users can invite others to shared files stored in OneDrive.2 - PlanningNoneEric BrownProjects
eRA InfoEd V15 Point Release UpgradeFri 11/22/19The latest release updates the code base in several key areas. It will: - Modernize the interface in Proposal Tracking (PT) and Award Tracking (AT) by introducing a new color scheme and doing away with folder icons for menus with a simpler look and feel. - Introduces 'One-click' features in Conflict of Interest (COI) and Human Subjects (HS) modules - Enhanced features added to routing that include eForms as tabs, more options for rich text editing, and progressive text search - eForms+ in COI - Added features in the ENABLE portal to improve user experience - Our current release is 12+ months behind the current release code. - Several bug fixes not available until a new code version is installed - Kendo grid formating adds filtering and sorting options not available previous - Prerequisite for eRA OnBase Integration and Boulder COI Implementation projects3 - ExecutionGreenEric BrownProjects
PSC Data Mart and Reporting Dashboard Project This project will help the Procurement Service Center (PSC) control costs and align expenditures to operating revenue. PSC uses a significant amount of data from various source systems to monitor and manage spend activity. The implementation of a new integrated data mart and interactive dashboard that measures, monitors and manages spend performance will drive operational efficiencies and enable a self-service reporting capability across the University. Dashboards are used to summarize spend data in one integrated view and create insight with the opportunity to better judge performance and predict results early on. The creation of a dashboard eliminates the need to interpret complex and unstructured data sets and displays the data into an easy to use format. End users can visualize spend data about their department at the line level or summarized into one integrated view; and can also be customized to display the information that is relevant to an end user. PSC’s goal of the dashboard is to expedite the delivery of monthly performance reports across the organization and reduce the time it takes end users to interpret and review results.2 - PlanningYellowCindy KraftProjects
SAN Replacement The SAN Replacement Project will replace, expand and improve the UIS digital storage environments at the 1800 Grant Street, Colorado eFORT and Hosting facilities. The resulting expanded storage will allow UIS to grow, add services and facilitate cloud adoption services. The project benefits UIS services and customers by supporting the projected future storage, performance and availability requirements that will enable future improvements, such as reducing service disruption during maintenance windows, improving on business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities, as well as facilitating hybrid and public cloud environments. It serves as a foundational component for UIS’ MultiCloud strategy.3 - ExecutionGreenCindy KraftProjects
Online Resolution: ERP Integration Platform & Known AutomationMon 12/2/19This project will support the resolution passed by the Board of Regents in November, 2017. The infrastructure will be a single investment to support all online education initiatives launched by campuses. This infrastructure will connect campus-specific MOOC/LMS systems to CU enterprise systems such as the student information system, degree audit, finance, master data management, and other enterprise-wide systems. Additional details include: - One foundation supporting all campuses - Standardized integration platform - A scale-able solution - Automation of processes so less manual intervention and resources are needed - Pro-actively providing solutions in advance of requests from campuses3 - ExecutionGreenCindy KraftProjects
NextGen Donor Mgmt Platform - Planning - Requirements Analysis The Advancement Next Generation Donor Management project (Next Gen) is a three phase, multi-goal, cross-campus plan that will have positive and far-reaching University-wide benefits in efficiency savings, cost reduction, and increased private support ($1.36 Billion Endowment; $440 million contributions in FY 2018) for the University of Colorado (CU). This request is to support years four, five and six of a nine-year Advancement business strategy that will transform constituent engagement from a disparate, unlinked system to a unified platform while still providing campus / entity Advancement teams autonomy and control.2 - PlanningNoneGreg TrexlerProjects
New Service Framework The UIS reorganization and New Service Framework will strengthen partnerships with the campuses to more effectively set strategy and coordinate efforts. In addition, UIS and campus partners will benefit from a holistic view of the delivery pipeline. This effort was identified as a top opportunity in the maturation of UIS as the organization responds to the velocity and quality of expected changes. This effort supports IT Governance IT Strategic and Annual Plan efforts.3 - ExecutionYellowJulie SharpeProjects
Unified Student Experience (USE) Buff Portal MVPTue 10/1/19More effectively supporting students throughout their matriculation at CU-Boulder that links to the Chancellor’s retention goals, specifically through objective 1.1: Foster student success by engaging campus leadership on campus-wide student retention efforts, and 1.1.3. Modify existing IT services (MyCUBoulder/MyCUInfo and various portals) to create a unified one-portal experience for students.3 - ExecutionGreenSteve ThormodProjects
Fall Start 2019Mon 8/26/19This project will ensure, thru a series of tasks and tests, that campuses can perform normal day-to-day operations while enterprise systems process heavy load during semester start up.3 - ExecutionGreenSteve ThormodProjects
Online MS-EE DegreeThu 8/8/19First MVP (Minimal Viable product) targeting Aug 2019 release to support business needs that support the for credit offering on Coursera for MSEE program. This project will allow UIS to support CU Boulder in creating a fully online, MOOC based MS degree/Certificates in Electrical Engineering using Coursera.3 - ExecutionGreenSiegfried AppeltProjects
Leepfrog Phase 3 - Student Registration within Class SearchThu 9/12/19Allow Boulder students to register for classes directly using the FocusSearch interface * Better experience for the students (more integrated) * More intuitive experience (feedback from students is that Class Search is very intuitive; Campus Solutions is not)3 - ExecutionRedSiegfried AppeltProjects