UIS Project/Portfolio Report

NameCampus Partner Go-LiveProject ValueProject PhaseHealthManager
Advancement Network Upgrade and Standardization Upgrade and configure Advancement network equipment, along with infrastructure related software, to remain current on network infrastructure and align with UIS standards for efficient support through ECS-Infrastructure, as well as current vendor support.2 - PlanningNoneDesmond Grant
Boreal Decommission and Replacement (PWEB) 1. Boreal has reached end of life and its replacement has become critical. Once complete, our security stance and overall stability will be higher, and our performance capabilities will increase providing for future growth. 2. Standardizes and provides SDLC development environment for web artifacts and content. 3. Addresses security issues that currently exist. 4. Allows for future development of a standardized CMS approach for multiple end-user populations. 5. Simplifies Aflex rules used for current web services (reduced maintenance).2 - PlanningGreenEric Brown
Grant Core Network Upgrade and Firewall Replacement 1. Current Grant network design does not support current security and reliability needs nor facilitate possible future enhancements which may be required. This project utilizes technical refresh CAPEX budget (previously allocated) to address those security and reliability issues in a new design. 3. This project combines with the UIS Project Site Interconnect Initiative to continue reliability and performance improvements outlined in extant long term strategic network design plan. 4. Parent project for CL MOE standardization and enhancement Initiative, needed to improve UIS remote site connectivity. 5. Parent project for possible CL MOE to WAVE FRGP enhancement, and facilitates future campus private peering (under discussion in cross-campus network coordination meetings) or increased campus/commodity bandwidth allocation in future. 4. Standardizes network design across all UIS sites to promote systemic RTO/RPO improvements inherent in improved design and implementation. 5. Lowers routine maintenance and monitoring LOE driven by current design. 6. Provides functional IPS and security visibility into Grant network traffic. 7. Introduces internal zone security segmentation into Grant and remote site connectivity (Network Segmentation). 8. Simplifies maintenance and fail-over activities to drive increased availability of inter-site, campus, and commodity connectivity. 9. Integrates with and allows for possible future enhanced cloud connectivity desirable in a hybrid cloud environment.2 - PlanningGreenEric Brown
Portal/CS/ Phire PT 8.56 Upgrade and Portal Redesign Standardizes development and maintenance to deliver modern user experience for all users Needed for future tools upgrades for all PeopleSoft applications Maintain compatibility with Fluid upgrades for PeopleSoft systems Provides foundation for modern user experience Allowing for quicker adoption of PeopleSoft feature sets that are dependent on PT 8.56 Improve stability2 - PlanningGreenSteve Thormod
HCM Wave 3bSat 4/14/18Wave 3b will focus on specific HCM business processes, including Hire, Rehire, POI, Transfer, in order to continue the replacement of the 3rd party (SmartERP) solution implemented in December 2015. Replacing the custom solution for these business processes with a more supportable solution will further stabilize the HCM system and better support users' ability to perform the identified critical business functions of the University. Performing knowledge transfer from consultants to full-time employees better positions CU to move in the direction of a more sustainable, long-term support model.3 - ExecutionGreenJulie Sharpe
Grants Optimization The Grants Optimization project will result in the implementation of continued system and business process improvements to the PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Grants Module Suite (Grants, Projects, Contracts, Billing, Receivables) usage at CU. These improvements are intended to help CU maximize the value of its Grants implementation during the project timeline. The project will also include a concerted focus on knowledge transfer/hand off to CU staff, including the System Office Grants team and sponsored research staff using/supporting the applications at the campuses.3 - ExecutionYellowJason Schober
Campus Solutions Upgrade: v9.2 and PeopleTools 8.55Sun 2/18/18This project upgrades Campus Solutions (CS) to the most current version. The upgrade allows UIS to selectively implement enhancements that will improve the implementation process and student experience. Improvements to the student experience include flexible enrollment models and for the future, the upgrade is the prerequisite for the Fluid User Interface (UI) that enhances the mobile and accessibility experience for increased student success and retention. Application maintenance is significantly improved through CS 9.2’s configurable product life-cycle platform, approval framework and efficient application life-cycle management process. The upgrade also provides better managed system maintenance costs by using the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) for future updates.3 - ExecutionGreenJeff Parks
CS PUM 8Sun 3/18/18This Project provides important regulatory financial aid updates, and bug fixes for other IT, administrative and student users of the application. Administrative users will benefit from enhancements and bug fixes for additional components.3 - ExecutionGreenSiegfried Appelt
Open Enrollment 2018Sun 7/1/18The Open Enrollment project prepares the Human Capital Management (HCM) system for the employee benefits open enrollment period scheduled for April 23 - May 11, 2018. Employee Services coordinates all employee communications, carrier fairs and informational sessions on each campus and manages the functional requirements and configurations to accommodate benefits changes in HCM. UIS provides application and system support during the open enrollment period, as well as development and file distribution support for vendor interfaces during the post-open enrollment period.3 - ExecutionGreenTricia Strating
Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) ImplementationSat 3/31/18Implementing Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) will allow UIS to consolidate batch data integrations, including the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes for the Campus Solutions, DATC, eRA, Advancement, HCM and FIN subject areas in the warehouse, onto one modern, supportable platform. Additionally, ODI aligns with core-competencies and with the Oracle-predominant ecosystem of the organization. It will help drive efficiency and quality in integration code development.3 - ExecutionRedSiegfried Appelt
u.Achieve Planner ImplementationMon 3/5/18This project is to implement a Degree Planner and Course Scheduling tool for all three campuses. Student Degree Planner (All Campuses) Student Value: -- Program Roadmaps help students complete on time -- Data will drive better course offering information -- Drive greater student retention -- Drive on time graduation -- More efficient advising appointments -- Familiar platform to students Value to Staff -- Course demand data generated can facilitate more accurate course demand forecasting -- More efficient advising appointments -- Ability to have students seek approval for plan (limit unnecessary non-degree applying courses) -- More efficient remote advising appointments -- Familiar platform to advising staff System Value -- Expands on existing u.achieve degree audit functionality -- Future Tie in to ASOC Schedule Builder (UCCS/UCD) Value to Student -- Quickly and Easily create schedules based on personal schedules -- Block out time periods -- Easily export to CampusSolutions shopping cart -- Easily schedule previously planned courses -- Greater accessibility over CampusSolutions based course search Value to Staff -- More intuitive student experience limits contact from confused students3 - ExecutionYellowJoseph Ciecior
ISSM Replacement (Sunapsis)Mon 6/18/18Campus International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) departments receive several benefits in the functionality and efficiency of their business practices. The replacement application Sunapsis provides the same core functionality as the current tool with additional features. Students, scholars and departments will be able to submit and manage their supporting documentation through a secure portal prior to becoming a part of the CU Community. Their submissions will be visible to advisors in real time. Sunapsis can automatically run reports, email constituents and alert advisors about missing documents. Form management is also changing to allow external users to create and maintain forms within the tool, including electronic signatures. Unlike the current version, Sunapsis exchanges information with the federal international student database, returning results to advisors in real time. Additionally, the project includes a more robust interface with Campus Solutions.3 - ExecutionGreenDarlene Crow