Overview: Constituent Relationship Management, PeopleSoft (CRM) is the primary tool to send recruitment communications to prospective students and applicants for CU campuses. It streamlines the recruitment process for admissions staff. It is also becoming a tool to communicate to all students. CRM pulls data from Campus Solutions to build personalized, targeted emails.

Benefits: Some of the benefits of CRM include:

  • Sophisticated audience-builder tool allows targeted communication based on specific criteria.
  • By automating recurring communications, staff has more time to spend in other areas.
  • The streamlined process ensures consistent communication to students.

Who is eligible to use the service: Admissions, registrar and continuing education (Boulder) offices are eligible to use CRM to communicate with students.

How to request access to the service: Contact your campus security coordinator.

Alias information / service history: CRM is the abbreviation for both “Customer Relationship Management” and “Constituent Relationship Management.”

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