Overview: The Online Admissions Offering (OAO) Application encompasses several components related to the recruitment and admissions process. Prospective students are able to complete New User Registration, which grants the student access to the recruitment portals and the OAO Admissions Application. Components for administrative users include Admission Application configuration, Application Evaluation and Recommender Evaluation.

Benefits: Some of the benefits of OAO include:

  • Prospective students have the ability to create a Campus Solution UserID that is used across all CU institutions for the OAO Application and the recruitment portals.
  • Prospective students have the ability to apply for admission at any CU institution, both for degree-seeking programs and continuing education/extended studies.
  • Institution administrative users can configure component features to meet individual campus needs.
  • Application Evaluation component allows administrative users to review admission application for admission eligibility.
  • Recommender Evaluation component solicits recommendations from an applicant’s recommenders and allows institution administrative users to configure component features.

Funding Model: OAO is funded by the campuses. It is not a fee-based service.

Who is eligible to use the service: Prospective students use the service to learn more about CU and apply for admission. Campus staff interact with the administrative components of the service.

How to request access to the service: For information on how to request access to the OAO Application see the Access website.

Alias information / service history: The OAO Application was referred to as “CedarCrestone” or “Cedar.” Its components can be referred to as “New User Reg”, “Apply”, “App Eval”, and “Rec Eval.”

Related services: Campus Solutions, Portal, Document Management.