Name Session Track Description
John Hanna Student Financials Community Mingle Student Financials This is an opportunity to network with other individuals who have an interest in Student Financials, as well as get an overview of the conference and sessions being presented in this track over the next 3 days.
Eric Bolinger Integration Broker Tuning for Volume and Performance Technical The University of Colorado is a heavy user of the Peoplesoft Integration Broker. Though the count has fluctuated over time the systems has serviced close to one million synchronous messages on its busiest days while supporting a substantial load of asynchronous messages. As more institutions begin to use mobile applications supported by integration broker the experience of the PeopleSoft Administrators at the University of Colorado could be valuable to other members of the HEUG community. This session will cover the details of Integration Broker architecture sizing as well as approaches for using a separate shared gateway architecture.
Jill Ibeck PUM and Selective Adoption Best Practices Project and Change Management The University of Colorado has five Oracle PeopleSoft applications, three of which are on application versions from PUM Images. The remaining two applications will soon enter into a planning phase which will adopt the established best practices and strategy. Join me as I present best practices, tips, and tricks for a successful PUM and selective adoption strategy. This presentation will contain process/SDLC, project planning, regulatory patching tips and tricks, effective communication tips, and lessons learned for a smooth roll of new functionality to the end user.
Matt Lemme, Ryan McDaniel and Sean Curry Automating Row Security in HCM Security and Audit The University of Colorado (CU) recently (semi) automated Row Security in HCM 9.2 using a Mass Change process to assign Row (Department) Security permission lists to users based on the presence (or absence) of department security roles, which users request through Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). This session will provide and overview of Row/Department Security in HCM and the Mass Change process before outlining in detail the steps CU took to automate the assignment of Row Security permission lists to users.
Renato Cayuela HEUG 101 - Focus on Volunteer Committee Special Sessions The idea is to open the session by introducing the HEUG Volunteer Committee members and talk about our Goals and Objectives, then we would have a few slides and/or online navigation to the volunteer form at HEUG. OnLine as well as our blog entries. In addition, we would like to cover other areas we are responsible for such as the selection for Hall of Fame inductees process, letter of recognition, letter of justifications, etc;
Eric Bolinger PeopleSoft Deployment Automation using DPK, Puppet and Ansible Technical Take advantage of Oracle's new for 8.55 DPK installation process. At the University of Colorado we are using a Puppet Server/Agent configuration to install instances from the DPK packages from a minimal VM to a running, configured, system. Post install we are using Ansible for the orchestration of day to day administrative tasks.
Phillip Curry Chancing automation for application loads with a vendor API Admissions This Deep-Dive Session will detail how to use a vendor’s API to automate application loads. In addition, this will detail how to use WorkCenters to resolve the suspended records and update program action/reason to automate the decision process. As a multi-campus institution, CU uses file parser for load some of its admissions applications into Campus Solutions. This session will include the key points so attendees will be able to successfully use a vendor’s API and file parser in Campus Solutions for loading applications at their own institution as well as setting up a WorkCenter for resolving suspended records and using update program action/reason to automate the decision process. These key points will include project management, requirements gather, functional configuration and technical development (cURL commands). The examples provided will be specific to CU but are applicable to any institution. This session is mostly functional and will provide a user-friendly way to automate application loads with a vendor API.
Matthew Glover Gamble on Change: Make Your Admission Processes Adaptable Using Online Configuration Admissions When facing an immediate need to facilitate Admission processing, it is tempting to hard-code your requirements and practices into any customizations that you may build. But this can cause problems later on. The slightest change in requirements will force you to procure technical assistance. A much better option is to implement online configuration wherever possible. This will allow your business owners to configure their processes as needed. We'll explore some features created at CU that employ this philosophy, as well as touch on how delivered tools like File Parser and the Common Attribute Framework can be leveraged in this way.
Renato Cayuela Volunteer Committee Presentation The Volunteer Committee works to identify new and diverse opportunities for member service within the HEUG and helps to recruit members for specific roles as vacancies arise.
Renato Cayuela HEUG 101 - Focus on Volunteer Committee Panel discussion The Volunteer Committee works to identify new and diverse opportunities for member service within the HEUG and helps to recruit members for specific roles as vacancies arise.