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The University of Colorado and the state whose name it proudly shares were founded in 1876, and their fortunes have intertwined since. As the state grew, so did the university, meeting the needs of Coloradans, their communities, business and industry and the nonprofit sector. Colorado is a state with diverse people and economic sectors, and CU meets the needs of both.

The university is a four-campus system with substantial strengths in teaching, research, community service and health and wellness. CU offers an array of undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees, all advancing the lives of individuals as well as the economy, health and culture of Colorado and beyond.

CU embraces its mission as a public university, one committed to improving the lives of Coloradans, the vibrant state of Colorado, the nation and world. The university continues to grow and evolve alongside the state it is proud to serve. And in doing so, it will live up to its promise as a leader in public higher education.

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