The CU strategic planning process began with a listening process in early summer 2019 in which the administration engaged governance groups, campus chancellors and their teams, and faculty, staff and students. The process picked up steam at the Board of Regents retreat in July, when the board provided its insight and direction.

Further conversations occurred as the academic year began and resulted in a roadmap for developing the plan that was shared with the Board of Regents in September. After agreement on the four strategic pillars and accompanying focus areas, the process had its official kickoff on October 3rd. At the end of the Spring semester, we paused our Leaning Into the Future strategic planning process in response to the intense focus the pandemic required of all of us. We made strong progress through Spring 2020, which enabled working groups, with representatives from all four campuses, system administration and the CU Foundation, to identify key strategic priorities that have helped us make decisions during challenging times. We are now well-positioned to resume the process Spring 2021, with an eye towards finishing and presenting the final plan to the Board of Regents for approval in July 2021.

The timeline articulated here will be adjusted and updated as necessary.

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Phase 1: Listening

  • Step 1: July – Early August 2019: Gather Regent, chancellor and campus leadership input on priorities
  • Step 2: July – November 2019: Process development
  • Step 3: Aug. 20, 2019: Steering committee and VPs review and discuss proposed structure, timeline and strategic pillars and focus areas
  • Step 4: Late August 2019 – June 2020: Ongoing engagement dialogue with stakeholders (Shared governance groups, Regents Governance Committee, and external stakeholders) 
  • Step 5: Sept. 12-13, 2019: Discussion and feedback with Regents regarding timeline, structure and general strategic pillars and focus areas

Input will be gathered throughout the process

Phase 2: Defining the Scope

  • Step 1: October 03, 2019: Strategic planning process kickoff meeting
  • Step 2: October 10 – November 15, 2019: Working groups identify best practices and opportunities
  • Step 3: November 06 – 07, 2019: Discussion and feedback of strategic focus area charges with regents
  • Step 4: November 15, 2019 – January 25, 2020: Key metrics generation for strategic focus areas

                           Strategic Planning Efforts Paused March 2020 – January 2021 due to COVID-19

  • Step 5: February 15 – March 26, 2021: CU Boulder, UCCS & System Working Groups to propose goals and approximately three – five prioritized action steps by focus area
  • Step 6: February 15 – May 14, 2021: CU Denver & CU Anschutz to propose goals and approximately three – five prioritized action steps by focus area (following campus strategic planning efforts)
  • Step 7: March – May 2021: Cost estimates developed by campsues for campus working groups and system for system working groups 

​Input will be gathered throughout the process

Phase 3: Synthesis and Prioritization

  • Step 1: March – May 2021: Input from campus and system regarding costs
  • Step 3: April 8, 2021: Strategic plan process update, discussion, and feedback with regents
  • Step 4: April – June 2021: Distillation by strategic planning team

​Input will be gathered throughout the process

Phase 4: Finalization & Implementation

  • Step 1: July 2021: Regent Retreat – regent review, discussion and tentative approval
  • Step 2: TBD: Publication
  • Step 3: Fall 2021 – 2026:  Implementation & ongoing assessment of strategic plan