• To succeed, the working group must recognize the strength of diverse communities and perspectives.  We must continue and enhance our commitment to creating an inclusive culture in pursuit of our goals of excellence and meeting the needs of the state, nation and world.
  • Explore opportunities for partnerships with other institutions of higher education within and outside of Colorado, engage state and federal policy makers and agencies, pursue opportunities with private sector entities, and draw upon the support of its donors and alumni. Identify how the University of Colorado can:
    • Identify key goals for an overarching partnership strategy
    • Develop specific goals for each individual partnership, as well as process for measuring on-going success of each partnership against its stated goals. These may consider:
      • Create opportunities for collaboration among its campuses in research and teaching with the goal of increasing the impact of our research and/or student success
      • Engage in collaborations and partnerships with other institutions of higher education in Colorado, the nation and the world in research and teaching with the goal of increasing the impact of our research and/or student success
      • Identify and promote programs that will lend themselves to collaboration and partnerships with private sector companies (e.g., promote relationships that will create opportunities for students to gain real world experience and apply knowledge) with the goal of increasing the impact of our research and/or student success
      • Build support from across the system from policymakers, donors, and alumni with the goal of increasing financial support for our university
      • Coordinate our engagement with potential collaborators and partners
    • Identify strategies that CU can employ to regularly measure our success in collaborations and partnerships across campuses, as well as with other public and private sector entities
    • Recommend actions to take and metrics to measure success in achieving the goals (in addition to metrics and actions, determine how to assess the impact of partnerships)
    • Consider ways to build capabilities engaging convergence research within and across campuses
    • Consider ways to build internal capabilities reward for engaging in partnerships including campus base and systemwide engagement
    • Identify metrics to effectively track and evaluate
      • Set specific goals for these metrics; and
      • Define and prioritize action items to become a national leader in this area

Working Group


Co-Chair: Tanya Kelly-Bowry, Vice President for Government Relations, CU System 
Co-Chair: Abby Benson, MS, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, CU Boulder
Co-Chair: Steve VanNurden, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority, CU Anschutz & Denver

  • Melisa Baldwin, Vice Chancellor of Advancement, CU Denver
  • Martin Dunn, PhD, Dean and Professor, College of Engineering, Design and Computing, CU Denver
  • Jack Finlaw, President and Chief Executive Officer, University of Colorado Foundation, CU System
  • Jen Furda, Director of Partnerships & Government Affairs, UCCS
  • Jessica Helzer, Assistant Dean for Advancement, CU Boulder
  • Kari Henningson, Program and Travel Manager, Office of the Board of Regents, CU System
  • Jeremy Hueth, J.D., Managing Associate University Counsel, CU System
  • Nate Poulter (Student), CU Boulder
  • Angela Rennick, Executive Assistant for State Relations, CU System
  • Tony Salazar, Assistant Vice President of Engagement, CU System