As part of the University's state authorization compliance efforts, a quarterly newsletter is disseminated to campus points of contact to assist with state authorization awareness and education. Newsletters are published in June and December. Please click on an PDF icon to view that newsletter.

Volume 2, Issue 1 | June 2016

System communicates upcoming State Authorization Network events, highlights from past events, and updates on states joining the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement. Campuses receive summaries on the SAN Coordinator monthly meetings (January - June) and learn of state authorization topics presented during the SAN Beginner - Intermediate Workshop, National Association of State Administrators and Supervisors of Private Schools (NASASPS) Conference, and SAN Advanced Topics Workshop: Professional Licensure and SARA Implementation. Compliance advice touches on an institution's responsibility to flag, track, and advise students throughout their academic career.

Volume 1, Issue 2 | December 2015

System and campuses begin building connections through prepping for campus roadshows and the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) renewal, and System communicates states recently joining SARA and states anticipated to join SARA through 2017. Campuses receive summaries on the State Authorization Network (SAN) Coordinator monthly meetings (October - December) and learn of state authorization topics presented during the University of Colorado Connect Summit. Compliance advice provides clarification on professional licensure disclosures.