The Data Trustees advise the President and Chancellors that the University is taking appropriate measures to ensure data quality and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and policies. These individuals, appointed by the President and Chancellors, work to resolve conflicts where data overlaps between multiple data trustees.

Business Domain System Admin CU Boulder CU Denver Anchutz Medical Campus UCCS

Research Administration: Proposal Awards, Compliance Reocrds, Institutional Review Board Records, Research Data
  Gary Henry Phillip De Leon Thomas Flaig Kelli Klebe
Student Academics: Course Records and Degree Audit Records   Katherine Eggert Constancio Nakuma  Roderick Nairn Kelli Klebe
Student Administration: Admission Records, Student Enrollment Records, Student Financial Records, Financial Aid Records, Parents related Records   Jennifer McDuffie Monique Snowden Roderick Nairn Mathew Cox
Employee Information: Personnel Records, Employment Applications, Compensation, Payroll, Employee Medical Records, Training, HR Compliance Records, ODH Records Felicity O'Herron Robyn Fergus Teri Engelke
Doug Kasyon
Harper Johnson
Faculty Information: Faculty Tenure and Performance   Michelle Moses Turan Kayaoglu Roderick Nairn Kelli Klebe
Financial Resources: General Ledger, Purchasing, Vendors, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budget, Investment Chad Marturano Todd Haggerty Jennifer Sobanet  Terri Carrothers Chuck Litchfield
University Advancement: Alumni, Donor Prospects, Gifts Jack Finlaw (CU Foundation) and Annie Baccary Katy Kotlarczyk Melisa Baldwin    
Campus Resources, Services, and Facilities: Campus Departmental Financial Records; Campus IT Asset Records; Campus Facilities Records; Campus Capital Equipment Inventory Records; Safety, Physical Security, and Parking Records; Housing Records    Patrick O'Rourke Ann Sherman Terri Carrothers Kathy Kaoudis