Deadlines: Invitations and save-the-date notices should be received one month before the event to provide the regents every opportunity to attend. Invitations are sent every Friday, so if you wish to have your event included when invitations go out each week, submit information by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. 

Non-university related invitations may be sent directly to the regents, but please copy Kari Henningsen.

Campus event invitations are filtered through the chancellor's office of each campus. Please do not send campus event invitations directly to the regents, but rather send an electronic version of your invitation to

As elected leadership of the University of Colorado, regents fulfill representational duties when they attend university events. Therefore, when inviting regents to attend a university event, please provide a complimentary admission for each regent and guest. 

You may contact Kari Henningsen at 303-860-5667 or at to discuss the specific details of your event. She will poll the regents for their availability and will coordinate with you or your designee to submit RSVPs.

Paper invitations can be sent to the board office address, care of Kari Henningsen.