The recommendations of the University Senate concerning leaves of absence for faculty members who become candidates for electives office are as follows: 

1. Leave of absence is not required of a faculty member who becomes a candidate for an office of a temporary or part-time nature, generally on a non-paying or token-payment basis, such as membership on a municipal charter revision convention, delegate to a state constitutional convention, a member of a board of education, a member of a city of town council, or a mayor. Election to such an office does not require a leave of absence or a reduction in time for which he is paid by the University.

Only if the duties he undertakes result in neglect of his instructional and other regular duties will the Board of Regents limit such activities of a faculty member.

There are some part-time offices, such as a member of a board of county commissioners, or assistant or associate county judge, that take such a substantial amount of time that more than token compensation is provided. In such cases, leave of absence is not required for campaigning, but after election and at the time office is assumed, the faculty member shall go on such a reduced time basis as may be recommended by his department chairman, dean and the Dean of the Faculties.

2. Leave of absence is not required of a faculty member campaigning for the state legislature or any other post requiring full-time attendance during a minor portion of the year. After election, and during legislative sessions, both regular and special, the faculty member will go on leave of absence without pay. The faculty member shall be permitted to draw his full salary and allowances from his elective position.

Such a faculty member, before taking office shall submit to the president written confirmation from his department chairman, dean and the Dean of Faculties that arrangements have been made to take care of his instructional and other duties while the legislature is in session.

3. Leave of absence is required of a faculty member who seeks public office which demands full-time service, such as Governor, U.S. Representative, or U.S. Senator. Leave without pay will become effective the day after the primary election. If the faculty member is elected, leave shall be extended for one term of office upon the recommendation of his department chairman, dean, and the Dean of the Faculties.

If the faculty member is not elected, his leave without pay ends five days after election day, provided the Department chairman has made arrangements to meet this contingency. If such arrangements have not been made, the leave of absence continues through the semester in which the leave of absence occurs.

In all cases contemplated by categories 1, 2, and 3 above, upon contribution by the faculty member of any sums due by him towards any retirement fund as the same become due, the University shall continue its contributions while the faculty member is on leave of absence.

No participation in any campaign, or service in office upon election, shall adversely affect any salary increases or other benefits to which the faculty member would otherwise be entitled.

Last Amended: January 21, 1966


Adopted January 21, 1966, pp. 11-12