An administrator who holds a tenured position at the University of Colorado has the right to return to his/her tenured faculty position upon conclusion of the administrative appointment.

Letters of offer or addenda for administrators who are also tenured faculty shall include reference to this policy, and a copy of this policy shall be attached.

The faculty salary of an administrator returning to a faculty position shall be determined by the appointing authority in consultation with the dean of the college and the chair of the unit in which the faculty position is rostered. The appropriate salary shall be based upon the faculty member's academic and administrative experience, expertise, standing in the discipline, and the functions the faculty member is expected to perform. The faculty member's salary shall be within the salary range of faculty of the same rank in the academic unit and shall be no higher than the highest salary in the academic unit. Only under the most extraordinary circumstances, may the president (or the Board of Regents in the case of a president returning to the faculty) authorize and approve exceptions to this policy.

For those administrators who were receiving an administrative stipend in addition to a faculty salary, the stipend shall end upon returning to a faculty position.

Last Amended: June 2, 2004


adopted November 20, 1975, pp. 294-296;
amended June 3, 1998, p. 174;
revised June 2, 2004