Policy 2D: Regent General Study Sessions

2.D.1. The board business meeting shall convene with a general study session to address all matters not discussed in the two committees of the whole [Academic Affairs and Budget and Finance Committees], and to receive the reports of ad hoc and other committees. The Board shall not take formal action during a study general session.

2.D.2: Updates on the System and campus strategic plans would be given at a general session on a quarterly, or at a minimum, semi-annual basis.

Last Amended: December 5, 2006


Prior related board actions to amend its committee and study session/board meeting structures include: September 18, 1980; June 20, 1991, June 16, 1994, September 20, 1994, January 21, 1998, April 21, 1999, January 15, 2003, October 30, 2003, August 12, 2004, November 2, 2006, and December 5, 2006.