Policy 1A: Preservation of Self-Governing Responsibilities

The president and administration of the University are authorized to inform members of the General Assembly and the governor of the opposition of the regents to any proposal abolishing the constitutional provisions relating to the government of the University unless such proposal shall preserve in the University the rights of self-government embodied in the existing constitutional provisions. These rights include the determination of curricula, the appointment and retention of faculty, the purchase of research equipment, the responsibility for endowments and finances, formulating budget requests, disbursing funds, authorizing independent post-auditing of accounts of all financial transactions of the institution, purchasing, the ownership, purchase and sale of lands, the employment of non-academic personnel and University planning. This motion is not directed to the opposition of any proposal for the reorganization of college and university governing boards if such reorganization is deemed in the best interests of the state, but only in opposition to proposals which would deprive the University of its fundamental rights of self-government.

This statement is made because of our strong conviction that the preservation of these rights is in the best interests of the people of the state of Colorado and of the University.

History: Adopted January 13, 1968

Regent Policy 1: University of Colorado Legal Origins Guiding Principles,and Principles of Ethical Behavior

  1. Preservation of Self-Governing Responsibilities
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  3. Principles of Ethical Behavior

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