W-9 Information and Vendor Authorization

Request for Vendor’s Information

The Procurement Service Center (PSC) requires the completed CU W-9 and Vendor Authorization (CUW9) form in order to make a purchase of, or payment for, goods or services from a vendor. Periodically, the PSC may require an updated CUW9. For questions pertaining to this form or when it must be completed, contact the PSC at 303.764.3461.

Completed forms should be sent to the PSC in one of the following ways:



Campus mail

Procurement Service Center, Campus Box 005 UCA

U.S. Mail:

University of Colorado
Procurement Service Center
1800 Grant Street, Suite 500
Denver CO 80203

Vendors who are foreign nationals or foreign entities use the W-8 forms instead of the CUW9 form.

Completed forms which are accurate and legible will be entered into the CU Vendor File within two business days.

Update Vendor’s Information

To report address changes for a current vendor in the CU Vendor File:
Email the vendor name, Vendor ID #, and address update to: PSC-Vendoring@cu.edu
To report any other new or changed information for a current vendor in the CU Vendor File:
Vendor should complete a new CU-W9 and send it to the PSC as outlined above.

Request for CU’s Information

When the vendor requires a W-9 to be completed by CU, use the W-9 (signed by CU) from the University of Colorado. If the vendor requires completion by the University of a modified W-9 form,fax the modified W-9 to the Finance and Procurement Help Desk at 303.837.2160.

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