In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Procurement Service Center and the campuses have developed a new centralized approach to purchasing COVID supplies – certain hard-to-find Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disinfecting supplies. Under the new approach, campuses are purchasing some supplies in bulk that your department can request if needed, and other supplies will be available to purchase through a new COVID Supplies section in CU Marketplace.


Your department will not need every item listed here in order to allow your faculty, staff, and students to return safely to campus. You will, however, need some of them, and significant supply chain disruptions are affecting individual department purchasing ability in this area.  Many core items are not publicly available, rising demand is quickly outstripping supply, minimum order quantities can be much higher than normal, and fraud is prevalent. Our new COVID Supplies Procurement process has been developed to address these challenges.

Procurement Procedures

Your campus may already be purchasing the following items in bulk, for distribution as needed.
If your department needs any of these items, email your campus contact (listed under Questions, below).

  • Janitorial Cleaner (disinfectant) – bulk (does not include lab equipment specific cleaner)
  • Janitorial Cleaner (multi-purpose) – bulk (does not include lab equipment specific cleaner)
  • Gowns (disposable)
  • Hand Sanitizer – bulk
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Wipes and Dispensers
  • Masks (disposable, N95, and reusable)
  • Plexiglass
  • Signage
  • Spray Bottles (empty)
  • Thermometers 

The above list does not guarantee that these items have been purchased by your campus.

Beginning Monday, June 29, your department can purchase the following items through CU Marketplace. 
If your department needs any of the following items (some -- e.g., caps, face shields, shoe covers -- are typically required only for lab or medical environments), use the COVID Supplies request process in CU Marketplace (see links under COVID Supplies Purchasing Guidelines, below). Upon your first login to Marketplace on June 29 or later, you’ll be prompted to accept terms and conditions for COVID supplies purchasing. You should accept the terms even if you are not planning to purchase or approve such items.

  • Bouffant Caps - limited supply (buy quickly if needed)
  • Disinfectant Spray Bottles/Refills
  • Face Shields
  • Gloves (basic use only)
  • Hand Sanitizer (small bottles)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Shoe Covers - limited supply (buy quickly if needed)

Marketplace-COVID Supplies Purchasing Guidelines

If your department needs any of the above items, use the COVID Supplies request process in CU Marketplace. How-to instructions and videos are available on the PSC website. Note the following guidelines before submitting your COVID supply requests.

  • The supplies listed above are not needed by all departments. You should assess your individual department’s situation and make your PPE/disinfectant requests accordingly. Please refer to your campus PPE guidelines.
  • Lead times can be two months or more. When placing requests, you should consider your long-term needs for these items – e.g., through the end of the calendar year as opposed to just the next month or so.
  • There are no brand/other selection options available.
  • Prices in CU Marketplace reflect the higher end of the price range for products and may not be the final cost. This is to allow for market changes and flexibility in sourcing
  • Each campus relies on a different distribution process. Please see your campus instructions for shipping and distribution. You should provide your Ship-To address as you ordinarily would in CU Marketplace.
  • Returns are at the discretion of the supplier. Work with the supplier to coordinate returns per the standard PSC policy. Contact for further assistance. It is important to note that some suppliers may not accept returns, or may require departments to pay fees, including return shipping or restocking fees.


If you have PPE purchasing questions, or if you experience any difficulty finding items not listed here, contact the PSC at

For campus-specific questions, contact: