In the Concur Travel & Expense System, you create a Travel Reconciliation expense report to reconcile travel, including Travel card, out-of-pocket, and cash advance expenses… or to request reimbursement for your non-travel related University expenses you purchased with personal funds.

Read the procedures

  1. One way to create a new expense report is to use the buttons located in the upper right corner of your Concur home page. Hover your mouse over the New button and select Start a Report.​  
    Note:  If you are creating this expense report on someone’s behalf, you must first act as that person’s delegate.
  2. On the Report Header page, use the Policy dropdown and select Travel Reconciliation.
  3. Give your expense report a meaningful name for tracking and reporting purposes. The report name will reflect on financial statements.
  4. Use the Travel Type dropdown to select the type of travel and the Travel Business Purpose dropdown to select the reason for your trip. If this expense report is not related to travel, select Other (Non-Travel) in both dropdown boxes.
  5. The Routing/Reimbursement SpeedType will be charged for every expense included on this expense report…unless an expense is allocated to a different SpeedType before report submission.
    • The Routing/Reimbursement SpeedType may also be used to identify the appropriate approver for this expense report.
    • You can search for a SpeedType by its description. Type an asterisk (*) and some of the SpeedType’s description.
  6. There are two options for Submit Report to (report submission): HR supervisor (HRMS Reports To) and SpeedType (Finance Fiscal Roles).
    • Select HR Supervisor if this expense report should be approved by the person to whom you report.
    • Otherwise, select SpeedType and, in a later step, set the approval flow to the appropriate approver associated with the Routing/Reimbursement SpeedType entered in the previous field.
  7. Enter comments that apply to the entire expense report in this Comment field. You’ll have the opportunity later to add comments to a specific expense.
  8. You can use the Alternate Contact Employee field to identify who should be contacted if there is a question on this expense report.
  9. Click Next.
  10. You have now created a Travel Reconciliation expense report by completing the Report Header page. You are now ready to add expenses to the report. There are several how-to guides available on the Reconciling Employee Travel in Concur page.

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