Submitting an expense report certifies the expense report is accurate and appropriate, while sending it on for review by the designated approver(s).

Though a delegate can prepare your expense report for you, only you can submit it. If a delegate has prepared the expense report for you, you should be notified when the expense report is ready for submission.

Read the procedures

Your expense report is ready for submission once all expenses have been added and allocated, all required documentation has been attached, and the approval flow has been set.

  1. Use the buttons located in the upper right corner of your Concur home page and select Open Reports. Click the name of the appropriate expense report.
  2. Your expense report appears.
  3. Review the details entered for each expense by selecting the expense on the left side of the screen.To review an expense’s allocation, hover your mouse over the pie-chart icon    to the left of the expense and the Allocations pop-up appears.
  4. Click Submit Report (upper right corner of screen).
  5. The Final Review window opens. To review the certification statement, click the Certification Statement link. Close the separate window when finished.
  6. Verify that all required documentation has been attached and is legible. Close the separate window that opens.
  7. If you agree to the University's certification statements, click Accept & Submit.
  8. If the Approval Flow page appears, review the approval path and click Submit Report.
  9. The Report Submit Status window will appear; click Close.

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