If you have the Shopper role in CU Marketplace, you’ll need to add Requestors - also referred to as “Assignees” - to your Profile. A Shopper cannot submit a purchase request, so you’ll assign your shopping cart to a Requestor for submission.

Read the procedures

To add a Requestor to your Profile

  1. In CU Marketplace, click the User icon, located in the ribbon at the top of the screen, and select View My Profile.
  2. Use the menu on the left to click Default User Settings, then Cart Assignees.
  3. Click Add Assignee…
  4. Enter your Requestor’s Last Name – additional information will narrow down your list of results.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Select a Requestor from the list by clicking the person’s row.
  7. The Requestor will be available to you in a dropdown list on your shopping carts.
  8. To designate a Requestor as preferred and have that Requestor default to your shopping cart, click Set as Preferred.

    To remove a Requestor from your Profile
  9. Click Remove for that Requestor.