You can fax the documents directly to your report. Faxed documents will be attached at the expense report level so you can include documents for multiple expenses within the same fax. You may choose to organize your documents in a manner that helps your Approver review them (for example, by date or by supplier).

Approvers have the ability to attach additional documents to a report that has been submitted to them for review. However, documents cannot be deleted once the expense report is submitted.

Read the procedures

  1. To view a list of required documentation for your expense report, use the Receipts dropdown and select Receipts Required. The Receipt Review window appears, which lists only those expenses on this expense report that require documentation.

  2. Use the Print/Email dropdown to select CU Fax Receipt Cover Page. A separate window opens.

  3. The number to fax the documents to appears close to the top of the fax cover page. The bar code on the left of the fax cover page identifies to Concur the expense report to which the documents should be attached.

  4. Click Print, and then click Close.

    Note: Make sure the bar code is crisp and clear. Smudged bar codes, or paper wrinkled in the bar code area, may not attach your documents successfully.

  5. Repeat this process as many times as needed until all required documentation is attached to your expense report.

  6. No matter your method for attaching, you always want to review the attached images. To do this, use the Receipts dropdown and select either View Receipts in new window or View Receipts in current window. Your attached images will appear in a separate window.

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