Computers and imaging equipment—including multifunction copiers such as printers and copiers—often contain toxic materials and are energy intensive to manufacture and operate. It’s important to evaluate the full product lifecycle of the product from design and production to energy use and recycling. This is also a product category to lease instead of own the product, and it’s the producer’s responsibility to offer proper end-of-life disposition. ENERGY STAR certified office equipment saves energy through efficient design and power management options.


  • Energy efficient products
  • Laptops
  • Re-manufactured/ ​refurbished equipment
  • Repair equipment to extend life
  • Power down electronics when not in use for over an hour
  • Utilize "sleep" or ‘hibernate’ mode


  • Desktops
  • Using screen savers

End of Life

  • Recycle with vendor

Environmental Labels

  • EPEAT; Energy Star; Federal Energy Management Program; e-Stewards