While many new appliances continue to save energy through innovative design, new features in the design of these products actually increase energy consumption. In fact, some appliances use just as much power when off as they do when turned on, and some never turn off especially if they connect to the internet in some way or have a digital display.

Appliances, especially older ones, can contain harmful chemicals, like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, ozone depleting substances, and oil, so recycling these items properly will protect the environment and human health.


  • Durable appliances
  • Energy- and water-efficient products
  • Right size buying
  • Appliances with an energy saving mode


  • Appliances with unnecessary features or gadgets (will reduce chance of breaking and lower initial cost)

End of Life

  • Recycle or donate "where available"

Environmental Labels

  • Energy Star; UL Ecologo