For questions about CU’s sustainable purchasing program, contact the Senior Director of Procurement and Sourcing, Cristal Swain

To learn more campus specific sustainability information, visit their webpage.

The additional resources on the right-hand side of the page are organizations or tools that support sustainable procurement work.

The table below is a sustainable purchasing framework to guide thought on different strategies to addressing purchasing behaviors.

Strategy Description Example
Behavior Change Implement programs to shift attitudes and practices Voluntary "green office" competitions to reduce energy and material consumption, while increasing recycling
Combining Actions Combine multiple actions into a single ROI project An energy efficient project is combined with a solar installation project. Energy savings offset the solar costs for a good ROI
Efficiency Reducing impact through reduced use Implementing procure-to-pay IT system reduces impacts associated with printing paper documents
In-source In-source a function to better reduce impacts Hiring LEED expertise in-house to optimize and streamline green building across campuses
Offsetting  Pay for an impact reduction to offset impacts elsewhere Buying carbon offsets for University travel to pay for other efficiency improvement/emissions reduction programs on the campuses
Out-source Out-source when an external party can better reduce impacts Contract out utility bill management to firms that leverage energy markey expertise to cut energy and carbon costs
Process Change "Design the impact out" of a process Air pollution from medical waste incineration is reduced by switching to reusable surgical tools that are steam sterilized
Product Substitution Choose a different product with lower impacts Chemical costs and workers compensation insurance premiums reduced by switching to green cleaning products
Servicizing Lease rather than buy to align incentives Lease carpet so that it is returned to the manufacturer for full recycling
Supplier Engagement Engage and hold accountable suppliers with regard to a specific impact Work with strategic suppliers to improve sustainability efforts and lower impacts through partnership activities
Supplier Substitution Choose a supplier with lower impacts Making evidence of bribery or extortion automatic grounds for suspension of business with a supplier