The departmental procurement card program comprises the process and participant procedures described below:


The authorized Cardholder within the department uses his or her card to purchase needed goods or services and submits the associated vendor receipt and/or other documentation, either in the Expense System or to the cardholder's delegated preparer. Transaction information is downloaded into the Expense System from Visa. Notifications about the transactions are emailed to Cardholders and Approving Officials (AO).

Expense System Processing

The Cardholder/Delegate updates information and prepares monthly expense reports in the Expense System. The Cardholder submits the expense reports to the Approving Official (AO).


The AO reviews the monthly expense report for possible violations, takes the appropriate action if violations are found, and approves the report. Expense System information from approved expense reports is downloaded into the Finance System.


The monthly expense reports and images of their related documentation are retained in the Expense System.

Transactions that predate the current expense system should be kept in accordance with the University of Colorado Administrative Policy Statement (APS) “Retention of University Records”.