When an invoice is entered into CU Marketplace, it becomes a voucher and a process called “matching” begins. Matching is where the system compares the voucher to the Purchase Order (PO)/Standing Purchase Order (SPO) and identifies whether the amounts and quantities match. This is referred to as 2-way match since it matches two documents: the invoice and the PO/SPO.

For POs over $10,000, matching also verifies whether the required receiving has been done. This is referred to as 3-way match since it matches three documents: the invoice, the PO, and the receipt.

When 2- or 3-way match can’t happen, it is referred to as a “match exception.” Vouchers cannot pay until the issues are resolved. An email notification from CU Marketplace will be sent to the Requestor and the appropriate Invoice/Match Exception Approver(s) when a match exception occurs.