To obtain any office furniture items outside of the University-wide price agreement with Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi), departments must complete the Waiver Request form and submit it - along with all pertinent information - to the PSC. The form may be emailed or faxed.

Required information for processing includes:

  • Description and cost of the item;
  • Detailed specifications of the item (e.g., dimensions; features; fabric; type of wood; pictures - if possible); and,
  • Reason the item needs to be purchased from a supplier other than CCi.

The Purchasing Agent will evaluate the request. A determination will be made based on cost, lead time, matching existing, or medical requirements. The waiver response will be sent back to the requestor within five (5) business days.

If the waiver is granted and the purchase price is $10,000 or less, the department may proceed with the purchase. If a Procurement Card is used, the department must retain the approved waiver in its files for Procurement Card compliance reviews. If a small dollar Purchase Order (PO) is used to make the furniture purchase, the department must retain the approved waiver in its PO files.

If the purchase price is over $10,000, either a competitive solicitation will be done or a Sole Source Justification must be approved.