Approving Match Exceptions

When an invoice is entered into CU Marketplace, it becomes a voucher and a process called “matching” begins. Matching is where the system compares the voucher to the Purchase Order (PO)/Standing Purchase Order (SPO) and identifies whether the amounts and quantities match (referred to as 2-way match). For POs over $5,000, matching also verifies whether the required receiving has been done (referred to as 3-way match). When 2-or 3-way match can’t happen, it is referred to as a “match exception.”

Vouchers cannot pay until the issues are resolved and the match exceptions are approved. An email notification from CU Marketplace will be sent to the Requestor and the appropriate Approver(s) when a match exception occurs. This guide discusses the match exception approval process.

Topics covered are:

  • Some possible match exceptions and corresponding resolutions
  • Locating vouchers pending approval
  • Approving match exceptions on PO/SPO vouchers once the exceptions have been resolved

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