January 25, 2022

Emergency Procurement Declaration - Effective January 21, 2022

From:    Ed Mills, Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Re:         Emergency Procurement Declaration

Date:     January 25, 2022

Considering current widespread supply chain disruptions and escalating prices, the PSC has established the following exceptions to University Procurement Rules through June 1st, 2022. These exceptions will be reviewed prior to May 31, 2022 to determine if the exceptions need to be extended beyond that date.

The Procurement Service Center has issued an Emergency Procurement Declaration. Under this declaration, mandatory bid requirements for goods up to $50,000 and services up to $150,000 are temporarily suspended. This is in response to widespread inflation and supply chain disruption. In order to maintain the operations of the university, it is necessary to function with more flexibility and swiftness. The suspension of bid requirements for the thresholds referenced, will enable access to the goods and services necessary to operate as well as reduce the administrative burden across the CU system.

Important Notes:

  • The threshold increase does not apply to purchases that are federally funded. The federal threshold for goods and services remains $10,000.
  • If a contract requires negotiation, it will still go through the same process, including compliance reviews for IT related purchases. Increasing thresholds does not negate the contracting process.
  • Current solicitations must stay posted unless it qualifies under one of cancelation provisions of the procurement rules Section VI.A.8.
  • A price cost analysis will still be required for new purchases under the emergency thresholds.

If you have additional questions, contact us at psc@cu.edu