This commodity covers services provided by professional search firms to executive-level search committees. Typically, such committees seek to fill positions at the level of Associate Vice Chancellor and above (for campus positions) and Associate Vice President and above (for University of Colorado System positions).

Professional search firm services include, but are not limited to: developing a recruiting plan; developing a qualified candidate pool; compiling relevant candidate data; conducting reference checks; providing an objective evaluation of candidates; recommending a salary range for the position; and, arranging and facilitating interviews.

Procurement Options and Procedures

  • $10,000 or less: Submit a Purchase Requisition through the CU Marketplace.
  • Above $10,000: Submit a Purchase Requisition, or a Standing Purchase Order Requisition, through the CU Marketplace.
In order to obtain: Your purchasing agent needs (in addition to the approved SOW)
  • Services over $10,000 and up to $50,000: All written documentation regarding the procurement. This may include a quote, statement of work, or email messages/letters of correspondence.
  • Services over $50,000: See section titled How to Engage a Professional Search Firm.
For federally funded purchases
  • Over $10,000: See section titled Engage a Professional Search Firm.

Procedure to Engage a Professional Search Firm

The University conducted a Request for Proposals (RFP) process in the Spring of 2013 in order to create a list of approved professional search firms for use by search committees, for any campus of the University, in the recruitment activities of officers and other high-level administrators. The list was updated and added four additional firms as the result of a supplemental RFP process in September of 2014.  The list of approved firms is attached. Responses to the RFPs and collateral marketing material submitted by each of the firms is kept at the Procurement Service Center and is available for viewing by any interested search committee.

Please follow this procedure to engage a search firm:
  1. As individual search projects are needed, a request for a response, giving specific details of the scope of the project and timetable for the search shall be prepared by the search committee. The firms shall be given a time period of at least two days to respond to such a request. Such response shall include an indication of their willingness to be considered, ability to meet the timetable, proposed search strategy, and cost.
  2. The search committee shall supply the document to at least three firms (more if so desired) on the approved list. This may be transmitted to them by Fax, Email, courier, mail, or any other means so desired.
  3. The search committee shall select the most appropriate firm for their search, based on the responses received.
  4. The search committee shall send all responses and a statement detailing the basis for their selection, along with a Purchase Requisition, to the Procurement Service Center for issuance of a Purchase Order and a formal contract if required. Formal contracts are required if the University is to pay more than $150K. No work can begin before a Purchase Order (PO) is issued and the PO will not be issued until a fully executed contract is in place if so required. Please be aware of, and allow time for, the contracting process to take place.

The Procurement Service Center keeps a file of information regarding search firms. Search committee members are encouraged to provide feedback regarding search firm performance for this file.

Please make the Procurement Service Center aware of any information that may be outdated regarding the approved list (e.g. contact names, phone numbers, etc.).

The list of Approved Search Firms is valid until May 1, 2018 or until another RFP process is conducted, whichever comes first.

Approved Search Firms

Note: This list of Approved Search Firms is valid until May 1, 2018 or until another RFP process is conducted, whichever comes first.

Academic Search

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Contact: Dr. Jessica Kozloff
  • Ph: 202-332-4049
  • Fax: 202-234-7640
  • Email:
  • Cost: Varies by position, $50K - $80K + expenses

Allen Austin Global Executive Search

C Suite Consulting Group

David Gomez & Associates, Inc.

  • Chicago, IL and Dallas, TX
  • Contact: David P. Gomez
  • Ph: 312-279-2010
  • Fax: 312-279-2077
  • Email:
  • Cost: 28% + 4% per month

DHR International

Diversified Search

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Contact: Dr. Kim Morrisson
  • Ph: 215-656-3546
  • Fax: 215-568-8399
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + Expenses, $50K min.

EFL Associates

  • Leawood, KS
  • Contact: Jan Asnicar
  • Ph: 913-234-1561
  • Fax: 913-458-5522
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + Expenses
  • Also offers less than full search services

Greenwood/Asher and Associates, Inc.

Harris Search Associates

Heidrick & Struggles

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Contact: Ellen Brown Landers
  • Ph: 404-682-7313
  • Fax: 404-577-4048
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + Expenses, $75K min

Helbling & Associates, Inc.

  • Wexford, PA
  • Contact: Thomas J. Helbling
  • Ph: 724-935-7500, x103
  • Fax: 724-935-7531
  • Email:
  • Cost: 35% + Expenses

Isaacson, Miller

  • Boston, MA
  • Contact: John Fahy
  • Ph: 617-262-6500
  • Fax: 617-986-7101
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + 11%, $50K min.

Kaye/Bassman International Corp

  • Plano, TX
  • Contact: Trey Wright
  • Ph: 972-265-5338
  • Fax: 972-931-9683
  • Email:
  • Cost: Varies by position, $35K - $84K + 12% + expenses

Korn/Ferry International

  • Washington, DC
  • Contact: Paul Hsun-Ling Chou
  • Ph: 202-955-0941
  • Fax: 202-822-8127
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + Expenses

Merritt Hawkins

Parker Executive Search

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Contact: Dan Parker
  • Ph: 770-804-1996, x101
  • Fax: 770-804-1917
  • Email:
  • Cost: 30% + Expenses

RPA, Inc.

  • Williamsport, PA
  • Contact: Kate Nolde
  • Ph: 800-992-9277
  • Fax: 570-321-7160
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% ($42,500 minimum)

Spencer Stuart

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Contact: Alexis Stiles
  • Ph: 215-814-1615
  • Fax: 215-814-1681
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + 10%

Storbeck/Pimentel and Associates, LLC

  • Monterey Park, CA
  • Contact: Alberto Pimentel
  • Ph: 323-260-5041
  • Fax: 323-260-7889
  • Email:
  • Cost:  33% + Expenses ($55,000 minimum)

Wheless Partners

  • Denver, CO
  • Contact: Mike “J.R.” Wheless
  • Ph: 303-886-8949
  • Fax: 303-481-8266
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + Expenses ($55,000 minimum)

William Spelman Executive Search

  • Webster, NY
  • Contact: William Spelman
  • Ph: 585-787-9742
  • Fax: 585-486-1659
  • Email:
  • Cost: 30% + Expenses ($24,000 minimum)


  • Oakbrook, IL
  • Contact: John K. Thornburgh
  • Ph: 412-209-2666
  • Fax: 630-990-1382
  • Email:
  • Cost: 33% + Expenses, $60K min.

Purchasing Agent

Elise Ridgway