Effective Date: 8/23/2011


This form is used by a University employee to request that a vendor be set up on the CU Marketplace with either a hosted catalog or a punch-out catalog.  Hosted and punch-out catalogs support high-transaction vendors like Staples and Dell.   A number of factors are considered when establishing new hosted and punch-out vendors.  Submitting a request does not guarantee that the vendor will be selected for enablement.

The 'Non-Catalog' form can be used to order from vendors that do not have hosted or punch-out catalogs.

This form should NOT be used to request that a vendor be added to the Marketplace.  If you need to use a vendor that is not in the Marketplace, please ask the vendor submit our new CU W9 form (available on the PSC forms page).

Download the Vendor Enablement Request form below