Shopping carts become requisitions when they are submitted within CU Marketplace. You may want to withdraw a requisition from workflow if the order is no longer needed and the requisition should be cancelled.

Requisitions that total $10,000 or less – that don’t include Payment Vouchers (PVs) – are quickly and automatically turned into Purchase Orders (POs). They are not able to be withdrawn from workflow. However, requisitions that total over $10,000 or that include PVs enter the approval workflow and can be withdrawn.

Note: Email notifications will not be sent when a requisition has been withdrawn.

Withdrawn requisitions cannot be reinstated! If you need to make changes to a requisition that is currently in workflow, ask the Approver to return the requisition for edits instead of withdrawing it.

Read the procedures

  1. Locate the requisition. If needed, refer to Searching for Requisitions for further guidance.

  2. Open the requisition by clicking its number.

  3. Verify the requisition’s status is Pending. (The Status displays on the Requisition Summary tab.)

  4. Use the Available Actions dropdown menu (located next to the document/Requisition number) to select Withdraw Entire Requisition.

  5. The Withdraw Entire Requisition pop-up window appears. Enter the reason for the withdrawal and click OK.

  6. The Status on the Requisition Summary page is updated to Withdrawn.