Catalog shopping can be accomplished using hosted or punch-out catalogs – in other words, where CU-specific items and prices are offered by CU-contracted suppliers. Hosted catalogs are maintained directly within CU Marketplace.

The hosted catalog shopping experience has a consistent look and feel regardless of the supplier.

Instructions for Specific Vendors

Read the procedures

  1. From your Shopping Home page, select a supplier by clicking on the supplier’s logo or name.

  2. A pop-up search box will appear. Search for the item by entering keyword(s), and click Search.

    Do you see a punch-out session instead of a pop-up search box? If so, the supplier offers a punch-out catalog instead of a hosted one. Refer to Using Punch-out Catalogs to Shop in CU Marketplace for further guidance.

  3. Locate the appropriate product/item and enter the Quantity.

  4. Click Add to Cart.

    Visit the Punch-out and Hosted Catalog Guides for supplier-specific ordering information.

  5. Once done adding items to your shopping cart, click the shopping cart link located at the upper right corner of the page.

    Click View My Cart. (Or, if you are ready to finalize your cart, click Add Speedtype/Shipping/etc.)

  6. We recommend that you enter a unique shopping cart Name to easily identify or search for your shopping cart. If you do, click Update to save your shopping cart’s new name.

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