When an approver is reviewing an invoice, they may add Comments to ask a question or request supporting documentation. 

When attaching support requested in a comment, attach the document using the Comments tab not the Attachments tab. Make sure to select to box to notify the approver that the support has been provided. 

Read the procedures

  1. In CU Marketplace, open the Purchase Order.
  2. Select the Comments tab.
  3. Locate the comment requesting additional support.
  4. Click the Reply To link next to that comment. A popup window will appear.
  5. Under Email notification(s), verify the commenter’s name is selected. This ensures they receive an email indicating you’ve responded to their question or request.
  6. Use the text field to enter any comments or clarifying information.
  7. If additional support was requested, use the bottom of the window to name and attach the file. 
  8. Click Choose File to select the appropriate file from your computer.
  9. Click Add Comment to save.

Note: If you want to add attachments, but they have not been requested via a comment, those can be uploaded from the Attachments tab.